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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck was used by ThatOneGuy to get a 12 win Grand challenge. It works extremely well on both ladder and challenges. Swapping the rocket from the original 2.9 xbow cycle really helps deal with elixir pumps. This deck is also great on defence so you can stack up troops while defending and then play xbow to go aggressive. With xbow your mainly going to be getting a one star victory. If your opponent takes a tower then you want to play in he opposite lane otherwise they’ll be able to drop troops directly onto your xbow shutting it down before it even locks onto their tower. I’ve they have high HP cards to distract your xbow you should wait until they have them out of rotation before playing your xbow aggressive unless your confident you can out cycle them, once you get that tower lock though make sure you support the xbow and keep it alive for as long as possible even if you only get the tower into rocket range you’ll be able to play solid defensive and rocket during the last few seconds of the match.

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The xbow is your main win condition in this deck, once you get a lock onto their tower you should try and and keep it alive as long as possible to get the maximum tower damage. You can also play this card in the center to use on defence.


Valkyrie is a good card to use to help protect your xbow. She can also now deal with a prince since her last buff. If your opponent is playing bait she is an extremely valuable card especially if your log is out of rotation. She also can take down rascals pretty well. She’s also your main counter to any graveyard deck you might face.


Tesla should mainly be used to take down any air units. If you play an aggressive xbow and you know your opponent has minions then make sure you play this card to protect the xbow. It can also be used to kite tanks, hog rider or balloons while your princess towers helps such down their push.


Rocket should be used to help shut down large pushes if your opponent has grouped their troops together. You can also rocket their tower if they play cards close enough to their tower to allow you to hit both. Also during in the later game you can resort to rocket cycling their tower while playing xbow and Tesla on defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to try and find out what deck your opponent is using. This will help you know when to go aggressive and when to hold off and wait to punish your opponent. If they start with a heavy tank in the back and you have xbow in hand then play it in the opposite lane and try to get as much tower damage as possible. Hold onto your Tesla to pull their tank into the center of your side of the arena. If their opening playing is an elixir pump then make sure you rocket it to avoid giving them an elixir lead early on in the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you should now be aware of what your opponent is playing and you should have a rough idea of their card cycle. Make sure you don’t over commit while using this deck especially in double elixir. You need to know when it’s ok to play Xbow aggressive and when to play it defensively. For example if they have a fast cycle deck you probably want to play a defensive xbow to help with defensive and try to cycle back to xbow to use in the opposite lane while your other xbow is still alive.

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