Triple Elixir Madness
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This golem giant skeleton deck works very well in the current triple elixir challenge. The triple elixir challenge is extremely fast paced so you need to have some good defensive cards to help hold back the opponents troops. The Giant skeleton is great at clogging up a lane and then his death damage destroying the opponents counter push or massively remove some HP. The Tornado will be key for pulling away balloons, golems, giant skeletons and lava hounds from preventing their death damage or the pups locking onto your tower. Never stop your opponents troops from crossing the bridge, unless they’re running graveyard, because your princess towers will be very helpful at taking down the enemy units. The zap will be very important while using this deck because you’re almost guaranteed to be facing cards like, inferno dragon, inferno tower or sparky in this challenge. You can also use it to retarget the opponents tower or even their troop or building cards. If your wizard is out of cycle then Tornado zap is capable of destroying minion hordes. The princes in this deck are key supporting cards and also work great on defence. Pairing the tornado with your wizard and/or dark prince can give you a lot of value. Another good play is to use the Tornado to pull the enemy units towards your giant skeletons bomb once he’s died. Goodluck in this challenge everyone hope you win some of that gold! Let me know how you all get on

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Inferno Dragon

This guy will be vital in taking down enemy tanks. Make sure you place him out of rocket range to other troops and away from your tower. Try to play other cards around the inferno dragon to stop the opponents support cards locking on him and taking him down.


The golem should be playing in front of your support troops to tank any damage. Because it’s triple elixir if you know you’re ahead on elixir then play this guy In the back and by the time he reaches the bridge you will have cycled back to a second golem if you play your cards right.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game go head and make the first move because by the time your opponent responds your elixir bar will have filled up giving you a one or two elixir lead. The giant skeleton or dark prince is a good first card to play. If you can activate your king tower, with your balloon, during the first 30 seconds especially if they’re running balloon, hog or miner. This game play here is about been able to overwhelm your opponents so try to make positive elixir trades and then cash in on them on an all out aggressive push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is pretty much the same as early game in this challenge the only thing that might can is whether or not you should apply pressure in the opposite lane or even split lane push if you’re struggling to break through their defence. Try to stack up plenty of cards then play an aggressive golem to tank for them all. If you have taken a tower and your in the lead you need to apply pressure in the opposite lane or even go for the three crown because if you just defend your opponent will eventually break through and take your tower.

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