Three Musketeers OP?
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Three musketeers have had a few indirect nerfs over the last few balance changes however as you can seen in my video if they’re played correctly they’re still extremely strong. This deck is a little different to the original three M deck, we’ve swapped ice spirit for ice golem, minion for minion horde and Valkyrie for battle ram. These changes help with what you are more likely to face in this current meta such as rascal bait and it also cycles quicker to the old school three musketeer deck. The main aim while using this deck to to pump up, bait out the opponents fireball or posion and then punish your opponent when you have a good elixir lead and their counters are out of hand. Valkyrie and miner are two mini tanks and both work well at helping keep your musketeers alive for a little bit longer. You should try to protect your pump from miners or hogs because ideally you want them to use their spell on this card because then it opens up the game for you to use your three musketeers. You only have the spell for direct damage, so if your using your miner to get chip damage make sure to switch up the tower placements to increase the chances of him connecting to their tower. With this deck you can easily split lane push with the musketeers and your two mini tanks, while having goblin gang, minions and ice spirit on defence.

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The miner will mainly be used to counter elixir collectors and to get direct damage while tanking for the musketeers. He can also be used to take down princess’.


This red headed warrior has become extremely strong since the last balance changes. She is great on defence she is capable of taking down, wizard, musketeers, princes, graveyard and swarm based ground units. You should also use her to protect musketeers especially on split lane pushes.

Three Musketeers

As I said above these three ladies have had a rough time over the last few updates so you need to play them wisely and know what your opponent is playing before you commit to spending 9 elixir. Often the best way to play these is to split them in the back unless you have an elixir collector on the field then you’ll need to play a high three musketeer. Often the lone musketeer in is the one that gets you the damage because your opponent will tend to focus on the lane with the two musks. So be prepared to pair the lien musk with an ice spirit or hover zap ready to drop to help her out that little bit more.

Early Stage Gameplan

A good opening play is the elixir collector in front of your king tower however this isn’t always going to be possible. But if you do play it first be prepared to defend because your opponent will likely go aggressive. You could also cycle ice spirit at the bridge or split goblin gang in the back or even play them at the bridge. I prefer to hold onto the miner so you can counter the pump if the opponent has it in hand. You don’t want to play three musketeers straight of the bat, you need to know what your opponent is playing and know what counters they have to this card. You have minions, pump and goblin gang to bait out spells too. Keep pumping up through this time and making positive elixir trades while learning your opponents play style and cards.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time to play the three musketeers, make sure you bait out one of their counters before playing them and your best to split lane push. I’m not saying wait until double elixir before you play them because it all depends on the match up and if your opponent makes a mistake. You can easily pressure both lanes with this deck and even if you use three musk defensively I would still split them so your opponent can’t fully commit to an offensive push. Goodluck with this deck everyone let me know how you guys get on! Don’t forget to watch the video to see the master at work playing this deck!

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