Crazy 5.0 Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video the game play for this deck starts at 20:00. This deck is probably the most crazy and off meta deck I have shared. Because of the average elixir cost in this deck you need to be prepared to take some damage to your towers. You have a lot of good cards in this deck for defence that can target both ground and air units. The idea here is to defend and then counter push with your surviving troops ideally playing a golem st the bridge to tank for them. It’s very easy to overwhelm your opponent while using this deck especially in the later stage of the game. You should assess what cards your opponent has and then play the right support troops to counter their units like I did in my video. For example if they have minion horde you should play wizard or executioner to support the golem but if they have barbarians or ground based units you’ll probably want to play either dark prince or mega knight. Some games you might not play all your cards depending on whatcha you are up against, because you have so much splash damage in this deck then most cards can do the same job as each other’s but for a lower elixir cost. So play smart defend as lightly as possible and try to keep supporting that push to get a three crown victory. Also if you’re scared that the royal hogs will be dominating ladder then this deck has a lot of counters to turn them hogs into crispy bacon.

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Mega Knight

This guy will be your main counter if you’re up against bridge spam archetypes and three musketeers. If he has enough health left then support him and go on a counter push. He will also be a good counter the the Royal Hogs which will be arriving in the arena tomorrow.


This angry little guy is great on defence against hog riders, battle rams, royal ghosts and many more cards. If you’re using him on a offensive push then play him second behind your golem so when he dies his rage spell will cover the other support cards you’re playing into that lane.

Electro Wizard

You will need this guy to counter inferno dragons and inferno towers and help keep that golem alive for a little bit longer. He’s also great at countering balloons.


The Golem is your heavy tank in this deck. You can play him in front of your towers to tank damge and then go on an offensive push. You can also use him to kite cards like prince, pekka, baby dragon and royal ghost away from your tower and into the opposite lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should always wait for the opponent to make the first because of how expensive this deck is you don’t want to commit too much elixir to one lane incase they rush the opposite lane. If you know you’re opponent has spend to much elixir then you can start a golem push however the majority of the time you should wait for double elixir. You can get a lot of value with the splash cards in this deck during single elixir but you should be comfortable with taking some tower damage during this time.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time you want to start to build a huge push play the right support cards depending on which deck your opponent is playing and try to overwhelm them and go for that three crown victory. I’m my video you can see I waited for a tower to go down before I played the next card close to he rest of my units. This is a good tip as long as you’re not leaking mor than 2-3 elixir. If the opponent try’s to push to other lane you can often ignore it unless you think they might get the three crown before you do.

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