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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has the two new cards from the most recent update so it means that this deck isn’t meta.... yet. This is pretty much a cycle deck I find it great fun to play and because you have two win conditions so you can chose the best one to play depending on what counters your opponent is playing or whether or not they have it in hand. Also you can go aggressive and play both during double elixir just be carful not to over commit and be aware of your opponents card cycle. You have three spells in this deck to two of them have the push back effect. So use them wisely and always try to get tower chip damage where possible. If you opponent has a defensive building then play the one of the hog cards to take it out then go for the tower with the second hog card. If they have bomb tower your best sending in hog rider because it will destroy the royal hogs. Against beat down decks you’re going to have to keep the pressure up in the opposite lane while defending with your Tesla, spells and minions. Against bridge spam you have the Tesla and plenty of spells to help with those annoying cards. Also against a graveyard deck you could use the ice golem to stop their tank crossing the river or you can use minions, however if they have posion try playing the Tesla closer to your tower then using log once a few skeletons have built up to take them out. The hardest match up will probably be decks with three musketeers, however if you keep the pressure up and stop them from been able to save up that much elixir it’s going to help out a lot. But if they do get the three musks down then use the ice golem to tank the lane with the two musks in while your minions take them out, and for the single lane hopefully a well timed log or a hog rider to kite will help.

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Ice Golem

The ice golem will be a key card on both offence and defence. For defence you want to use him to tank for your hog rider. For defence you should use him to kite units away from your tower, tank troops damage for a little longer allowing you to kill them or you can also use him with the zap to kill minion hordes.

Hog Rider

This old school hog is one of your win conditions in this deck, this guy can also be used to kite units but primarily he will be used to gain tower damage.

Royal Hogs

These little piggy’s are a new great win condition, you can also split them and then potentially use the hog rider in the lane which you opponent doesn’t defend as heavily. If you ever play them in the pocket once you’ve taken a tower then play them one tile towards the river so they all head for the same tower. They are extremely fragile to splash damage units like, Valkyrie, wizard, mega knight, bomb tower and fireball. If your opponent has any of these then you might just want to use your hog rider as a main win condition until you bait out these cards.

Giant Snowball

For this card your honestly just best off practicing to see how it works however here is a few quick tips, it has a 360Degree knock back affect, so it can be used to push princess into the range of your towers. It also has a slow down effect so you should try to hit as many units as possible for maximum effect. Because it’s so cheap you can use it predictively later game along side your hogs to not only temporarily slow their tower but also slow enemy units.


Tesla is still a very strong defensive card, it can on shot minions and goblins. You should use it to kite troop cards like golems, giants, hounds, balloons and hog riders.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a hog rider at the bridge if you have him in cycle. The idea of this play is to see how your opponent chooses to respond and then you can make a mental note so you know how they’re likely to defend in the future. This will mean you can try to catch them out of cycle or you can make prediction spell placements later in the game. Unless your opponent makes a crucial mistake or you know they have no counters in hand I would hold onto the royal hogs until slightly later in the game until you’re fully aware what deck they have and also they will most likely be a surprise because they’re such a new card.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck can become very strong, you can split lane push or keep cycles the two different pigs at the bridge slowly acquiring chip damage. Remember now is the time, to make prediction plays especially if you haven’t taken a tower. If you have taken a tower then keep some pressure on in the opposite lane but don’t over commit you always need to keep elixir for defence.

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