Royal Hog Valkyrie
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video the game play for this deck starts at 7:30. I played this deck against SirTag and won! The win condition here is the royal hogs but you need to play them when your opponent doesn’t have a splash unit unit in cycle or enough elixir to play their counter. The flying machine serves a good purpose in this deck because it deals helps deal with air units very well but it also serves as a fireball bait card which then allows you to go ahead and play the Royal Hogs. The hogs can be used to pressure the opposite lane if your opponent plays a tank or even an elixir collector. Against bridge spam decks you have the tombstone but also the Valkyrie is good at clogging up a lane. If your opponent has hog rider as a win condition then you can use tombstone to kite the hog or a well placed mega minion will limit the amount of hits the hog rider gets.

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You can use this card against elixir collectors to deny the opponent of four elixir. You can also use it to kill minion hordes or if you posion a loan ballon then it will only get one shot against your tower.


She is currently one of the strongest rare cards in the game, she is also a great counter to royal hogs if your opponent is playing them. She can act as a mini tank for the hogs but I’d only do this later game or if you’ve used her on defence and are going on a counter push.

Royal Hogs

These are your win conditions here you can split them but for maximum damage you should play them in the same lane. They’re easily countered by fireball, mega knight, Valkyrie, bomb tower, wizard, so make sure these units are out of your opponents cycle if they’re running them. If your opponent plays an elixir collector in between the princess towers the collector splitting the hogs at the river will cause the hogs to split between the towers and one hog will go to the collector .


This defensive building you can use it to help counter tanks, hog riders, and bridge spam units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can either wait for your opponent to make the first move or you can cycle ice spirit at the bridge or even split the royal hogs at the river. Try to remember how your opponent counters these early game pushes. Try to always get tower chip damage whenever possible if you play your spells to counter the opponents cards. You have some great defensive cards which can be used on a counter push if the opportunity arises.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to make prediction plays with your spells to try and protect your royal hogs. Remember to try and bait out the fireball with your flying machine. Try to use a tank like the Valkyrie or even mega minion to allow the hogs to get a few extra hits in their tower.

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