Miner Giant Skelly
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This 2.9 miner posion deck is great fun to play! The giant skeleton is so OP he can completely shut down an opponents push and if you get him to the opponents tower he is going to take around 1000 HP of their tower. I would say this deck is a fairly high skill cap it definitely takes some practise to learn to cycle efficiently while getting good tower chip damage. The main aim is to gain chip damage throughout the match with your miner and posion when the opponent gives you value. Don’t commit to playing your giant skeleton unnecessarily because he is so vital for defending. The mega minion and minions are also important for defence and you have the skeletons and ice spirit to cycle between cards or you an even use them to distract the opponents troops. Make sure you check out my video to see game play from Matrix defeating pros like Surgical TS and the sniper who have both featured on my channel before.

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This guy will be your main win condition for getting tower damage however you can use him to answer the opponents elixir collectors if they’re running it or even to kill the princess. Make sure to switch up your miner placements on the opponents tower to make it harder for them to predict your placements.

Giant Skeleton

Although he isn’t the win condition he plays a big role in pressuring your opponents. He simply can’t go ignored once he crosses the bridge because of how much damage he can do to the opponents tower. You should primarily use him in defence because he acts as a tank and you can use your other cards to help shut down their push quicker.


You should use this card aggressively if your opponent gives you value by playing lower HP cards to try to counter your miner. You can often play a miner onto the tower and posion to catch the princess or elixir collector and whatever your opponent plays to defend.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should wait a few seconds to see if your opponent plays anything but if you like to make the first move then you can play miner onto their tower or you can cycle ice spirit or even split skeletons. You can go aggressive with the giant skeleton if your opponent makes a mistake or even to pressure if they commit too much elixir to one lane. Remember to try and learn what your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your cards. Also remember what cards you should have ready or keep enough elixir so you can cycle to so you can counter certain cards in your opponents deck.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you need to keep going aggressive with that miner even if you have taken a tower. Just because you took a tower early game doesn’t mean that you’ve won because during in double elixir you’ll most likely be at a disadvantage against most decks. Try to always get tower chip damage with your spells to especially during double elixir!

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