Golem Mirror Clone
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has so much three crown potential if you play it right. Since the last balance changes the mirror will no longer start in your starting hand which means you’re more likely to have the elixir pump in your first four cards. If you’re a golem player then you’ll know that losing a tower isn’t a big deal, it’s all about pumping up early game and gaining a good elixir lead then create one huge mammoth push to end the game. There isn’t any direct damage in this deck however the golem has good death damage and if you have a cloned golem then you can basically say bye to the opponents tower. You want to be able to clone as many troops as possible, the night witch, golem and lumber jack all have affects when they die which will help with your push especially the lumberjack rage. Remember to use the princess towers as a resource as I said above it’s ok to lose a tower and accept the elixir lead just be careful their push isn’t so large it could three crown you.

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When using the clone spell all cloned cards appear on the right of the original troop. This will most likely cause single troop targeting cards placed on the right of your push to retarget and tank some small damage while your real troops do the damage. Cloning troops still allows your troop cards to have their special abilities for example the night witch will spawn bats on death, lumberjack and his rage spell or the golems death damage. So if you can clone all these cards together you going to get massive value once the clones die.


This guy is the main tank for your deck, he will tank the damage while you build up support cards behind and then once you use clone you can easily overwhelm your opponent.

Elixir Collector

You want to use this card to keep pumping up early game and gaining and elixir lead. This will help you when it come to your mammoth push. I would recommend trying to protect these early game but be careful not to over commit, you don’t want to be giving your opponent an elixir lead which they will be able to use against you later in the game.


Some of the best cards to mirror are elixir pump early game if you know your opponent won’t be able to massively punish you for it, night witch, lumberjack or wizard as support troops. Later game if you know you have a massive elixir lead and support troops on the field you could even mirror the golem.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try to play the elixir pump as early as possible. You don’t want to open the game with the golem because it’s goign to be hard to build up the game ending push so early in the game. If you don’t want to commit to playing a card first because the pump isn’t in your first five cards then you can wait for double elixir because that’s when this deck is the strongest and you’ll have a good advantage in most matchups. Whether or not you play a golem in single elixir depends on how the match is going, if you’ve gained an elixir advantage or you can even use the golem to kite cards like pekka, inferno dragon, princes, elite barbarians away from your tower and allow your support cards to take them out and the pen go on a strong counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the ideal time to go on that mammoth push that I mentioned earlier. You can play golem behind your king tower or in front then start building up support units behind, if your opponent rushes the opposite lane then as long as their push doesn’t have three crown potential I’d let it go. The best cards to have behind the golem are night witch and lumber jack. Wizard should be played a little later because his splash damage and range is good st protecting the night witch. Once your push has crossed the bridge then get ready to clone. If your opponent has Tornado, fireball or posion then it’s going to make these pushes a little tricky but keep the pressure on and remember to mirror the important cards. Goodluck running these decks everyone and deck out my video to find another mirror clone combo deck!

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