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clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

The deck in my video is played by Pompeo who is one of the best players in the entire game! You have two tank killers in this deck, pekka and inferno dragon. These tank killers are required due to all the golem and heavy beat down decks that are going around in the meta at the moment. You don’t have any big spells in this deck so it is important to try and get chip damage throughout the game wherever possible whether it’s with your light spells or the balloons death damage. The arrows and the zap are key cards in this deck the arrows should be used as your first choice to defend against any swarm units. You can then use the zap to retarget troops or the opponents tower off your balloon allowing it to get extra damage. With this deck you pretty much have two choices on what to use on defence in most scenarios and against most matchups, that’s what makes this deck so strong on defence! Make sure to check out my video to see how Pompeo handles some of the more tricky matchups while using this deck on high level ladder!

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Royal Ghost

The Royal ghost is your ground based splash damage in this deck, if you don’t have him unlocked make sure you swap him for another splash damage unit.


The miner is probably your only answer to the opponents elixir collector if they’re running it. If their tower is locked onto your balloon you can send the miner onto their tower and then zap to retarget the towers damage.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno tower is basically your second line of defence against any tank troops. If you’re against a lava hound deck then this will be your most important defensive card.


The Balloon is your main win condition and playing it wisely like Pompeo does in the video is the key to winning with this deck. You should wait to play this card until you have a card to tank some damage or if you know their counters are out of hand. Even if the balloon doesn’t drop a bomb in their tower then it still has death damage which can get tower chip damage or takeout the opponents troops. If your opponent has a lot of air counters in their deck then make sure you keep sending in the ballon to keep applying that pressure. This will often mean you can get good value with your arrows if they play swarm units to defend the push.


The pekka should be firstly used as a defensive troop to take out tanks of mini tanks that have crossed onto your side of the arena. Then because of how much HP the pekka has you can often go on a counter push with the balloon and hopefully take a lot of HP of the opponents tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

The first thing you need to know when playing this deck in any battle is what counters does the opponent have to the balloon, you should then try to keep track of those counters in your opponents card cycle so you know when you can be more aggressive at the right time. Unlike the heavy golem decks you don’t want to be taking tower damage, you should defend your princess towers and then go on a strong counter push with the surviving troops. You don’t have to make the first move with this deck in fact you’re probably better waiting for your opponent to make the first move because it’ll help you figure out what deck they’re running quicker.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should keep cycling those balloons against their tower where possible while still defending. Because of how strong this deck is on defence it doesn’t take much explaining on how to defend, just make sure you don’t over commit and leave yourself so low on elixir you can’t counter push with a balloon. Even if you have already taken a tower in the first two minuets then try to keep the pressure on by going aggressive when possible. Remember if you’re above 4K trophies you have three minuets of over time, you should use this to your advantage, you don’t need to go on an all out push taking the risk of over committing, even if your balloon if on,y getting death damage you will eventually win the game as long as you’re defending well.

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