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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck was brought to me by NoVoid who is an extremely good Clash Royale players and has finished high in many tournaments I have hosted. This is a variation of the trifecta deck that I’ve featured in my channel before but it has flying machine instead of musketeer. You also have three spells in this deck so you willl nearly always have a counter to them pesky goblins and minions. Your main aim is to acquire chip damage with the hog rider throughout the match and eventually you can spell cycle towards the end of game. Sometimes you’ll connect to he opponents towers with your support cards which is a bonus however don’t over commit because you might struggle to defend the opponents counter push. The flying machine works great as a bait card for them bigger spells like fireball or lightening. Against any air decks the flying machine and mega minion will be your key defensive cards along with using the tombstone to distract balloons. If you’re against a beat down deck then you will need to keep applying pressure in the opposite lane with your hog. You can then use tombstone on defence along with Valkyrie and other troop cards if required. If you find your playing a graveyard deck remember to kill their tank and then focus on the graveyard. You have Valkyrie which is a great counter to graveyard or you also have log and snowball. Against another hog player you need to use the tombstone to kite their hog and play other defensive troops where required and then go on a counter push. Always try to get tower chip damage with spells in these matchups. Against seige decks or bridge spam decks you have the Valkyrie which is a great distraction, you can use the range of the flying machine to snipe units and then counter push with the hog once you’ve stopped their push. Also against bridge spam and bait decks you should play in the same lane as the one your opponent is pushing.

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The Log

Log will mainly be used to support your hog rider and shut down any ground based swarm units your opponents might play to stop the hog. Also if the opponent has tombstone if you log just before the hog gets a swing on the tombstone then it will kill the skeletons in side leaving your hog rider with more HP. If the opponent has goblin barrel then you will be best using this card to defend the barrel unless you decide to defend with Valkyrie, mega minion or snowball. This cards knock back affect can also reset a charging prince or battle ram.


Fireball is your heavy spell you should always try to get tower chip damage where possible! If you use this against the opponents elixir collector it’s going to deny them four elixir while also giving you HP off their tower. Against three musketeers you might need to save this spell to hit the musketeers. Remember you can play hog in the middle to attack their pump of they place it between their towers.

Hog Rider

The hog rider is your win condition in this deck, he is great at apply pressure to your opponent and forcing them to spend elixir on defence rather than offence. You can also use him to kite/distract units allowing extra time for your support troops and princess towers to shut down the opponents push.

Giant Snowball

The snowball is still very new to the game and a lot of people are still trying to find a suitable deck but in my opinion it suits this deck very well! It’s “slow” effect can often allow you hog to get an extra swing on the opponents tower while also doing small chip damage to any surrounding troops.


This blue eyed warrior is basically your mini tank in the deck. She is extremely strong on defence and can tank a few pekka swings. She also works great if you play her in front of the hog rider but I only recommend doing this later in the game or if you know you have a good elixir lead.


The tombstone will mainly be used to kite units like pekka, golem, giant, hogs, battle rams and even bandits or princes. This can slow down the opponents win condition givin you extra time to respond with other defensive troops or just allow your princess towers to do the work.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game if you have the hog rider go ahead and send him on to their tower and see how your opponent reacts. Hover your log or snowball to counter anything your opponent might play. I would use the first two minuets to figure out what your opponent is playing and how they chose to counter your cards. This will help you later game on baiting out their cards and also making prediction plays to help support your hog rider. Don’t over commit to early you don’t want to be losing a tower because your opponent will just defend for the rest of the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck will cycle very quickly so you will always have a spell ready to counter what ever your opponent might throw at you. You still need to defend and then counter push. Make sure you do have troops or spells to support the hog rider in double elixir because he will be easier to defend for your opponent if you send him in naked. Make sure to check out my video to see gameplay from NoVoid using his deck and see how he handles different matchups. Goodluck running this deck everyone let me know how you guys get on!

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