#1 Brazilian Pro Giant Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Surgical TS is an amazing Pro Player from Brazil! He is running this extremely strong Giant Miner deck. With this deck you have two win conditions, the giant and the miner. Depending on what cards your opponent is playing changes which if these cards you should play. For example if the opponent has a pekka then your main source of tower damage will be the miner however if they’re running lots of swarm cards which can easily counter the miner you should play the giant and use spells and troop cards to support your pushes. You have three spells in this deck which makes it a great deck to use in this current meta especially with the bait decks and the potential of going against bridge spam. Against a golem beat down deck you should focus on defence and try to get chip damage with the miner where possible. If they place a golem behind their towers in over time then go aggressive in the opposite lane and try to take down their tower. Against hog players you have a few choices on how to defend, you have the hunter, guards and mega minion. All of these will only allow the hog one hit if you play them on top of the hog. If you find yourself playing a bridge spam deck then you have plenty of spells to help defend, you can also use the giant to tank while your princess towers and support troops shut down their push. If your against either hog or bridge spam then play into the same lane as your opponents. If your opponent has a lava hound deck then the hunter will be your main counter for the hound you should keep fireball for any minions or minion hordes. As soon as they play their lava hound you should apply pressure in the opposite lane with your giant and mega minion. This will stop the opponent from committing all their elixir into an aggressive push.

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The Log

The log will be a great card against bait decks however you have a lot of answers to swarm units and even bridge spam cards in this deck. Try to get good value by playing this card as late as possible with out taking damge onto your towers.


This guy is one of your win conditions as I mentioned above. He is a good counter to princesses and elixir pumps. You can also pair him with zap to retarget tower damage if your giants HP is getting low. Its good to send the miner in onto their tower along with your giant because often the opponent will focus on defending your giant rather than your miner.


This card is your main tank killer, what makes him so strong is that he can target ground and air. Be aware that his HP is fairly low so against pushes with support troops you’ll need to play other cards to tank damage for the hunter.


These guys are extremely strong as a defensive unit, they can help stop hog riders, mini pekkas, pekkas and charging princes. You can also use them to surround splash damage cards like the royal ghost and executioner.


The giant is your heavy tank in this deck he is also one if your two win conditions. You can use him to kite troops away from your princess towers and then go on a counte push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you don’t want to play to aggressive you’re best play is often waiting for the opponent to make the first move and then playing a counter card accordingly. If the opponent opens the game with an elixir pump then you should either play miner or fireball onto the pump. However if you don’t have these two cards in cycle you can go ahead and be aggressive with a giant at the bridge. Remember to try and figure out what deck your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your cards and what their win condition is. This will help you know what cards you should hold onto for defence and what cards you will need to support your pushes. Keep playing passively until double elixir and defend well and try to gain a positive elixir advantage. I wouldn’t commit to an all out push unless your opponent makes a large mistake. I hope your all enjoy this video Surgical TS is one of my favourite guests to have on my channel!

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game is the time you can start to be more aggressive and start to get spell chip damage on the opponents towers when they give you value by playing cards close to their towers. Because of the three minutes of over time that has been added to ladder there isn’t any need to go aggressive to early you should wait unit double elixir. You will be able to build up a good giant push and have a good group of support troops behind the giant, don’t group them to close together to avoid giving the opponent spell value.

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