X-Bow FireSpirits
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Xbow decks surprisingly have stayed very strong after the introduction of three minuets over time on ladder. You still have the Tesla here to help protect your xbow and try to get that tower lock. However every single card in this deck can be used to help protect the xbow. Your main aim is to get your xbow locked into their tower, you often only need to do this once successfully and then you can usually spell cycle your opponents. This deck can beat pretty much any deck in the game as long as you play it wisely and keep track of your opponents cards and know when you go offensive. Some tricky match ups can be against decks with a tank and three spells. With these I would wait until double elixir and play a defensive xbow and then try to cycle back to an xbow to play it offensively with a Tesla for support. Against lava hound decks you have lots of air targeting troops and can often counter push after a successful defence. If you find yourself against a bridge spam deck then again you have lots of counters including, Tesla fire spirits and rascals. If the opponent is playing mortar your going to need to try and play the xbow first then try to protect it with spells then support with troops once their mortar is dead. If the opponent has taken one of your towers you’re going to need to switch lanes because you’ll find it very difficult to take a tower in the same lane as where you’ve lost a tower. Be careful not to give your opponent a lot of spell value, keep troops spaced out from each other.

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This card is your main win condition in this deck. Before you commit to playing it make sure you know what deck your opponent is playing and try to play this card when your opponents counters are out of cycle.


The fireball is your heavy spell and will be your main counter to an elixir collector if the opponent is playing it.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits are hugely underused in the meta. They’re already very strong, they’re a fast cycle card, can attack ground and air units and can shut down swarm units. Also if they connect to the opponents tower they’re going to do around the same damage as a fireball for half the cost. They work so well in this deck at helping protect your xbow and keeping it alive for a little bit longer.


Tesla will be your main card to support your xbow plays. If you play the xbow one tile back from the river and the Tesla at the river then the opponents troops will target the Tesla first. This card also single hits minions and goblins.


The rascals are a great defensive and offensive card. The boy rascals will also work well as a mini tank for your xbow.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to try and figure out what deck your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your xbow. Try to bait out the opponents counters before you commit to playing the xbow. As I said earlier you often only need one successful xbow lock to take a tower so it’s all about timing it right. If the opponent opens the game with an elixir collector or a tank behind their towers then you can go aggressive with the xbow and try to take a lot of HP off the opponents tower early game. Just be prepared for the counter push your opponent might have. If you want to make the first play the. You can cycle fire spirits, ice spirit or bats at the bridge and see how your opponent responds.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you’ve already taken a tower then your going to need a solid defense. Don’t be afraid to play a defensive xbow however I would try to keep pressure on in the opposite lane to stop the opponent spending all their elixir in the same lane. If you haven’t taken a tower then you’ll find this deck cycles very fast, keep cycling those xbows and trying to break through the opponents defence, eventually you will! If they’ve taken a tower then your going to need to make sure you have a lot of support ready before you play the xbow. Goodluck running this deck everyone check out my video for another OP fire spirits deck!

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