#1 New Bridge Spam Deck
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is a variation of the old bridge spam deck, you have lots of great defensive cards which you can then use to go on a counter push. Another tip from Yui is that placement is key while using this deck. Especially with getting the maximum value from your magic archer and using his range to your advantage. Your two spells in this deck, fireball (which can be swapped for posion), and zap. If you combo these two together they can take down three musketeers giving you a plus three elixir trade. These type of decks can be very fast paced mainly because of the spam element in the deck, but it’s ok to slow down and play defence and then when the opportunity arises that’s when you apply lots of pressure! Some matchups can be fairly tricky to handle but with practise you will learn how you can best counter the opponents troops. If they’re running a mortar deck then you can use the ice golem to tank and use he range of the magic archer to help take down the mortar. Another great tip is if they have the minion horde then the fireball will be your main counter and if you play it early then the opponent will try to punish you. Against a beat down archetype then you need to pressure opposite lane as soon as they drop their tank. Save the inferno dragon and lumberjack to help defend your towers. If the opponent has a hog cycle deck you’re also going to need to keep applying pressure and using your lumberjack on defence. Check out my video for more great tips at using this deck!

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Inferno Dragon

The Inferno dragon is a great defensive card and should primarily be used to help take down tanks in your opponents deck.

Magic Archer

The magic archer has a lot of range and because of his magic arrow you can get great value at getting tower chip damage while also damaging the opponents troops if you play this card in the right spot!

Battle Ram

Battle Ram will mainly be used to pressure the opponent and try to get damage while they’re low on elixir or their counters aren’t in hand.

Ice Golem

The ice golem is your mini tank in this deck, it can tank damage for your troops if you play it in front of a push. Also you can use this card to kite the opponents troops across lanes and away from your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Royal ghost is a great opening card to play in the back if you like to make the first move in the match. If they start the game with an elixir collector then you can fireball the pump and also get tower damage. The cards you don’t want to start the game with is lumberjack, battle ram or inferno dragon, because these cards are often very important on defence and you could be easily punished them for play them early in the game. Remember to try and remember what cards they’re running and what their win condition is and what cards you have to counter theirs and what cards they have to counter you.

Late Stage Gameplan

Going into the later stage of the game you will find you have a good advantage over the opponent because you can cycle quicker and keep pressuring your opponent. If you have taken a tower the opponent will most likely get desperate and commit all their elixir to a single lane, in this instance keep you key defensive cards, lumberjack + inferno dragon, in hand and apply light pressure in the opposite lane. If you lost a tower early game you’re going to need to try and make some positive elixir trades before committing to a large push, alwasy try to get good spell value when you can and make prediction plays if the opponent uses the same cards to defend your pushes. Goodluck while using this deck everyone let me know how you find this deck!

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