Witch + Graveyard
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck was brought to me by ialshihi who got a 12 win in a grand challenge. In this deck you have a couple of mini tanks, the Valkyrie and ice golem, which can both be used to tank for your graveyard push. The two spells in this deck work very well together and you should always try to get tower chip damage when you can but be aware incase the opponent is trying to bait out your spells. The witch and Valkyrie make a great combo. If you play the witch behind the Valkyrie on defence she can soon spawn dozens of skeletons and easily shut down the opponents push. Your main aim is to play passively until you know your opponents can’t play their counters and then punish them and try to take their tower. Make sure you check out my YouTube video to see the best graveyard placements on their towers and how to handle some of the more tricky matchups you might face while using this deck.

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The graveyard is your main win condition. If you play it at the right time it can easily take down the opponents tower. The posion is a hard counter to this card so try to bait this card out before you play the graveyard.


With the recent buff the the witches stats her use rates have increased massively. She no long dies to fireball + log/zap which makes it harder for your opponent to counter her. You should mainly use her on defence and then support her to go on a counter push if you know you’re ahead on elixir.


The tombstone is your only building in this deck. It should mainly be used to kite units like hogs, golems, giants and pekkas. This can also be a good card to help bait out spells like posion especially if the witch is on the field because of all the skeletons that will spawn.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to play fairly passively and wait for a good opportunity to play the graveyard. If you like to make the first move in the match then playing the tombstone is the best card however cycling the mega minion in the back is also a good first play. You should try to take a mental note of what counters your opponent has to your win condition, and then try to keep track of where these cards are in your opponents cycle. I would only play the graveyard in the first two minuets if your opponent starts out with an elixir collector then your can play ice golem at the bridge and then graveyard. You can also do this in the opposite lane if your opponent plays a heavy tank behind their towers. If you think you have a good elixir lead and their counters are out of cycle then go ahead and play the graveyard early and try to take their tower. Be careful not to over commit during the first two minuets because you can be easily punished this early in the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should now know what your opponent is playing. Try to defend well and build up a good amount of troops, then go on a counter push with your graveyard and support with a posion spells to counter swarm based units your opponent might play. Make sure their tower locks onto a tank before your graveyard starts spawning skeletons. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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