Golem Double Witch
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This Golem deck was brought to me by Ah craaaap who is a professional clash royal played! Because you have both witches in the deck along with skeleton army and dart goblin you have a good bait element to the deck. As with all golem decks it’s ok to take damage on your princess towers or even lose a tower if you know you can benefit from saving your elixir. Your main aim is to pump up and gain a good elixir lead before going on a monster push. Try to always keep track of their spells and where their win condition is in their cycle. Golems can work very well on defence especially at tanking damage while your towers and support troops take out their cards. Make sure you check out my video to see live game play of Ah craaaap going for a 12 win in a grand challenge!

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The golem is your heavy tank for this deck. His death damage is capable of killing minions, goblins and skeletons so remember don’t waste a spell on countering these troops. You should try to stack up troops behind this card, the main aim is that he golem tanks ans the support troops do the tower damage.


This card is your heavy spell of the deck it can take out an elixir collector completely while also getting you tower damage. This card can also work well at supporting you golem pushes and taking out the cards your opponent plays to try and defend your push.

Elixir Collector

The pump is a great card to master. Because of the bait element in the deck if the opponent uses their spells against your pump you can play the witches and if they use their spells against the witches you can stack up pumps and gain a huge elixir advantage.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin can two shot minions which makes him a great support card. Try to use his long range to your advantage like ah craaaap does in the video at sniping troops in the opposite lane.

Skeleton Army

This card is vastly underused on higher level ladder and also on challenges, but it works very well in this deck. This is because it forces a response from your opponent and it often gives them a plus one elixir trade. But this is good for you because it means you can go ahead and play your witches while your opponents counters are out of rotation.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game the best opening play is an elixir collector between your princess towers. You could also cycle dart goblin or skeleton army but most of the time you are best waiting for your opponent to make the first move. If you go for a golem push in the first two minuets then the night witch will be the best support card to play. During the early stages of the match keep trying to pump up, as I said above its ok to take some tower damage. The best defensive cards in this deck and witch and skeleton army.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later in the game your best offensive push is having both witches behind a golem and having your spells ready to help protect your push. Once you have a large push you can keep supporting it and most of the time. This will result in a three crown victory. If you know the game is going to go into over time then play an elixir pump, however if you know the match will end after four minutes then don’t play a pump after 52 seconds left of overtime.

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