Best Hog Lightening Deck Ever!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck is insane at countering the witch heavy meta that we are in right now! The multiple spash damage cards you have in this deck makes it great at defending against those bait, bridge spam and witch decks that many other decks would struggle with. You can combo the Tornado to pull units together or away from your towers while the bowler or baby dragon shuts down their push. The baby dragon is your only air targeting troop but along with Tornado and ice spirit you can take out swarm units and the lightning spell can deal with those higher HP units. The main aim is to get chip damage throughout the match with your hog rider and spells, along with knowing the right time to play aggressive or passive will come with practise.

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With this card you can get great value while also getting good tower damage, it can one shot many cards including hunter, elixir collector, musketeers and wizards. If you find yourself against a sparky deck this card along with the splash damage will be key to taking down the trash can on wheels.


The bowler hasn’t been used much in the meta since the splash yard deck many moons ago! But recently with the spam and the witch buff he is the perfect card to help out on defence. He is also a great counter to the elite barbarians and even the battle ram since the last balance changes. He can also act as a tank for your hog rider allowing the hog to get extra damage on the opponents tower.


Guards are good cards to use in defence especially against prince decks. You can also use them to surround mega knights, royal ghost, executioner and hunter to gain a positive elixir trade. They can also be used to tank damage for your hog on offensive pushes.


The Tornado is a fairly high skill cap card, it can take some practise to learn the best placements. However I suggest that you always try to activate your king tower. It is easy to do if your opponent has, goblin barrel, hog rider, royal ghost and even graveyard. This will make your defence a lot easier allowing you to spend more elixir offensively.

Hog Rider

The hog rider is your main win condition in this deck, you should primarily use him to pressure the lanes when you know your opponents counters are out of cycle or they’re low on elixir. As long as you get one hog hit or force your opponent to spend more than four elixir on defence then you’re definitely in control of the match.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game it’s important to try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing as soon as possible then you can try and keep track of the opponents card cycle and know whether or not they have a counter in cycle. Good opening plays with this deck are either cycling the hog at the bridge or the ice spirit. You could even split guards at the back. If the opponent plays a hog rider first try to activate your king tower. If the opponent starts with a tank or an elixir collector the opposite lane with the hog rider. Also if they play the collector you could use your lightning to stop the opponent gaining any elixir while also getting tower damage. Ice spirit is a good card to combo with your hog rider because it will temporarily freeze or distract what ever your opponent plays to counter the hog.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to cycle the hog riders a lot more quickly but you still need to try and track your opponents cycle. During double elixir you can start making more prediction log placements to help support your hog rider. If you have successfully taken a tower early game then you should, still keep the pressure on the other lane with the hog but you should also save enough elixir to use on defence! Goodluck playing this extremely strong deck make sure you check out my video to see game play from the famous SergioRamos!

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