#1 Giant Witch Deck
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

With this deck you effectively have two win conditions, the miner posion and then the giant. You also have three spells which means you also have a good counter to those annoying spam decks and it also works extremely well at supporting your pushes or answering the elixir collectors. The witch will be your main defensive card because she no longer dies to fireball zap! Her spawn speed of skeletons can easily melt through giants or golems and she will still have health left to go on a counter push with. Check out my video to see a more free to play friendly version of this deck that I used to play live with in the video!

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Electro Wizard

This card is great especially with his enter the arena zap damage which can help shut down minion hordes or goblin gangs. She is also a great counter to the battle ram and also serves as a good fireball bait card.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon will be your main counter to any potential lava hound decks and against any golem or giant beat down this guy and the witch will make a great team to defend with and then you can counter push with the giant or miner a tank.


The miner does require a medium level of skill to play, you need to make sure you switch up your miner placements so you’re not predictable. He is also a perfect counter to the elixir collector and you can submit with zap or log. If the opponent plays a central pump you can play the miner onto their tower and then posion the pump and the tower. This will often give you a positive elixir trade and tower damage because the opponent will be expecting your miner on their pump.


The giant is a great card to pair with the new meta witch because if you play in infront of her she can build up a large number of skeletons which can devastate whatever your opponent plays to defend or they can even help take their tower.


If you’re against a three musketeer deck then this will be your main counter to the two musketeer lane. Try to always get tower chip damage whenever you can with this spell.

Early Stage Gameplan

I always recommend that you try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing as early as possible, this is fairly important here too! A good couple of opening plays are either playing the miner onto their tower or cycling the ice spirit at the bridge. Don’t over commit with a giant straight away unless your opponent pumps or or plays a tank in the opposite lane. Don’t be afraid of playing the giant though while the game is still in single elixir, this will force your opponent to play defensive rather than offence and then you can defend their small counter push. Getting small miner chip damage early game is often key to winning later in the game because the opponent will often ignore the miner in he early stages of the game especially if you have a giant on the field.

Late Stage Gameplan

During the later stage of the game your deck is goign to become stronger because you’ll be able to build up more support troops behind the giant. Once the giant crosses the bridge send in the miner then as the giants HP gets lower zap their tower to retarget the damage onto your miner. The witch is a great card and you should try to get multiple witch’s in the arena to help support your pushes. Remember you can kite units like pekka, princes and mega knights with your giant then use support troops to shut them down and then you can counter push. Goodluck running this deck everyone I hope you enjoy trying it out as much as I did!

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