Graveyard Freeze OP!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Graveyard Freeze has always been a variable deck if you get the correct timing and synergy to catch your opponent off guard and potentially take a full tower in one push. Unlike most graveyard decks where you need a troop card to tank for the graveyard, you don’t require one with this deck because of the freeze spell which can immobilise the counters your opponent plays. However before you commit to playing the graveyard Freeze you should have a good understanding of what your opponent is playing because you might be able to take out their counter with the arrows which saves you one elixir. The witch has been added to this new variation of the deck, she helps bait out cards like log and swarm units which could potentially counter your graveyard. She also is extremely strong on defence because of the rate she can spawn skeletons. Another great little tip is that the freeze spell can be just as strong on defence as on offence. The freeze on defence works very well with the Valkyrie and witch because of their splash damage.

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The graveyard is your main win condition, you always want to be know what your opponent is playing before you commit to playing this card. Unless.... The opponent opens the game with a elixir collector or a heavy tank like golem or lava hound. If they open with a tank then pressure the opposite lane. The graveyard can also be used on defence especially against them annoying pekka prince decks which you can see from time to time.

Inferno Dragon

The Inferno Dragon is your main tank killer, he’s great at taking down tanks like, giant, golem, pekka or lava hound.


The witch has become very strong since her last balance changes, she’s best used as a defensive card which you can then turn into an offensive push especially behind your Valkyrie in the later stages of the game.

Ice Golem

The ice golem is a great card for helping you make a positive elixir trade. You can use him to kite units away from your towers or to distract them long enough for your towers to take down a card. He can also be used as a mini tank for your graveyard which is two elixir cheaper than using your Valkyrie.


While using the freeze spell in a match you usually only have one chance to catch your opponent off guard and get a lot of tower damage because you played this card. As I mentioned above don’t ever be afraid of using this card on defence it’s better than losing a tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

In most situations you should play relatively passively until you know what deck your opponent is playing. You should also try to take advantage when your opponent makes a mistake which means they don’t have a hard counter in cycle for your graveyard, for example if they play a posion spell then it’s a good time to play the graveyard and have the spells ready to support your push. Remember you should try to build up a good elixir lead as early as you can in the game because this will help you support your offensive pushes. If you take a tower early game then you still need to play slightly aggressive throughout the rest of the match to stop your opponent spending all their elixir on a single offensive push which could potentially three crown you. Don’t over commit on offensive pushes, if you’re unsure about defence then it’s better to slightly over commit to defend because your opponent will have to respond to protect their towers.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the ideal time to play your freeze spell if you haven’t already. Most opponents will have figured out you’re running a graveyard deck so they’ll keep their counters in cycle however they won’t expect the freeze! Because it’s double elixir you might be able to stack up witches which will spawn a lot of skeletons, this will help you defend and because they’re fairly slow you will be able to save enough elixir to go aggressive with your main win condition. Goodluck while using this deck everyone I find it extremely fun to play! Make sure you check out my video to see live game play and get some more great hints and tips especially about the graveyard placements on the opponents towers.

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