Sparky Rage
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Sparky is a great card to use on defence to help take down any ground based push your opponent is using. You have the wizard and minion horde to use as your main air defence. These cards also make a great counter push. Your main aim with this deck is to get a strong push with the giant in front and the sparky behind, you can then use other support cards and then play the rage the apply that extra pressure and help your sparky charge up faster. Don’t worry about wasting a rage spell from time to time because it is only two elixir and if you have plenty of elixir collectors on the field you will soon make it back. With this deck you can sacrifice some tower damage to go on a stronger counter push in the opposite lane, especially during the later stages of the game where the elixir is a lot more fast paced. If you’re playing against a beat down it will often be a base race for three crown, so making positive elixir trades and pumping up early game will extremely important. If the opponent has a zap spell or ewiz then you will need to have plenty of support cards behind your sparky and then use rage spell to shut down their defence. If they have rocket or lightening you will need to play the pump to bait out their heavy spells.

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The sparky can often make your opponent panic and they will then over commit on defence giving you a good elixir lead. The rage spell synergies extremely well with this card because it reduces the sparky “charge up” time. Early game you should aim the use her on defence and then go on a counter push.

Dark Prince

The dark prince is a good counter the the three musketeers especially if the opponent splits them you can play this into the two musketeer lane. He’s also a great support card to play behind your giant sparky pushes or you can use him on defence against.


The rage is your only spell in this deck so you don’t have any direct damage. You should pretty much always use the rage whenever you can whether it’s on defence or offence.


The giant is your tank in this deck you can use him to kite units away from your tower or in most circumstances you will use him as a meat shield to tank for your sparky and support troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the first two minuets you should try to pump up and gain a strong elixir lead. A good first play is the elixir pump however you should expect your opponent to apply immediate pressure. Splitting the goblin gang or cycling the rage spell can be good plays to help you cycle to the pump. You can pressure with the giant early game and the sparky can be used to support, I always recommend raging your push to try and get that extra damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck is going to get even more fun play! Unless you know the game is going to go into over time I wouldn’t play the elixir collector after 51 seconds remaining unless you’re tying to bait out a heavy spell like rocket or lightening. If you’re against a spam or bait deck you’re going to need to keep one of your splash damage cards, Prince or wizard, in hand to able able the counter the opposite lane. Goodluck playing this deck everyone check out my video to see live game play from myself and Azer using this deck!

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