Strong Giant Skeleton Witch Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

When you first look at this deck you will be think how does this deck work.... but check out this guide and click on my video the see game play from the pro, Anaban, using this deck. So down to the basics: the only direct damage spell you have in this deck is the zap, so you will rely on the the balloon to get some shots of throughout the match or having the balloon or Giant skeleton die near the tower so you get good value death damage from the bombs. Because of the death damage of the Giant skeleton and the balloon you will destroy the majority of the cards your opponent could potentially counter push with. You can synergies the Tornado or freeze spell with the death damage to help shut down any chance the opponent has of a strong counter push. The witch is also very strong because of her spawn rate of skeletons, you can also use the Tornado along with the witch to get take down the annoying swarm units. Your main aim with this deck is to get balloon shots off throughout the match on the opponents tower and slowly chip away until you eventually take a tower. In this current meta you’re likely to face the witch, she is easily countered by the bomb tower and you can pull units together to allow your bomb tower to get splash damage. Bait Decks: if you’re against bait then apply pressure to a lane at the correct time, when their main counters are out of cycle, your balloon will be how you win. You should try to activate your king tower if they have goblin barrel. You will also rely heavily on the bomb tower for defence. Graveyard: Splash yard 2.0 has appeared in the meta, these decks rely heavily on defending and then counter push. However your opponent is going to find it hard to counter push your giant skeleton bombs kills their troops. However if they play a graveyard then the witch or bomb tower will be your main counters. Try to take out their tank first and then focus on the skeletons. Counter push when you can with the balloon and freeze if you have a good elixir lead. Beat Down: Heavy tank decks can be a really problem for anyone to face especially during double elixir. You should apply pressure to the opposite lane as soon as they play their tank to force them to spend elixir on defence. When your defending using the giant skeleton will be good to deal with any supporting units while your bomb tower kites the tank away from your tower. You can freeze on defence and allow all the splash damage in this deck to work its magic! Hog Rider: if the opponent has a hog deck then you should try to activate your king tower early game and then use bomb tower to help defend throughout the remainder of he game. You should still use the balloon as your main win condition, you can have zap ready to take down goblin gang, bats or to reset an inferno tower or dragon. Seige: These deck are easily beaten with this deck if you play right, the bomb tower is great because it can splash damage the seige unit while taking down any ground based unit your opponent might play to support their push. The giant skeleton can also block the lane or you can use the balloon to allow it to drop a bomb on their building.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is still massively underrated like many cards in this deck, he will mainly be used on defence to slow enemy units down while your defence shuts down the push. He is best played behind cards because he has fairly low HP and is easily countered.

Giant Skeleton

This guy is your main tank in the deck, if you go aggressive and play giant skeleton and then balloon your almost guaranteed to get tower damage but I only recommend doing this later in the game and when you know you have a good elixir lead or their counters are out of cycle.


The balloon is your main win condition, you will rely on this card to be your main source of tower damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing, this will help you know when to focus on defence and when to go aggressive. If the opponent opens a game with a heavy tank behind their towers then you should play balloon at the river if you have it in cycle, have your zap or freeze ready to play if your opponent give you potential for more tower damage. If they have cards like hog or goblin barrel then try to activate your king tower with your Tornado because this will help on defence throughout the rest of the game. Don’t be afraid to play your balloon early game if you think you have the right opportunity to get good tower damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you be be able to cycle back to those balloons quicker, even if your not making direct contact with their tower then don’t worry as long as your balloon is still getting death damage. If you have already taken a tower you still need to apply pressure to the other lane while still focusing on a solid defence.

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