Fast Miner Cycle
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is the first of the two decks that I share in my video. This deck relies on the synergy of the Tesla, miner, posion and Valkyrie. The other four cards will be used to help cycle or support you on defence or offence. The aim of this deck is to acquire chip damage throughout the game with your miner and also getting spell value when you can. The Tesla and Valkyrie will be your main cards to use on defence. The Tesla can also be used to kite units away from your towers while your Valkyrie takes down any supporting units. You should apply pressure with the miner throughout the match if they have swarm cards to counter your miner then you can use your spells to help counter their defence. You can also support your miner push with ice spirit, goblin gang or bats. These fast decks are great at helping you improve your game play over all. It will help you under stand the best card placements and the micro and macro card interactions, this will come in time if you practise with this deck and review your game play with clan mates.

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This guy is your main win condition, you should aim to keep cycling this card against the opponents tower and slowly out surely taking down the HP of their towers.

The Log

The log will be your main counter a goblin barrel but it’s also great to use predictively later in the game to support the miner if you know your opponent has a unit in cycle that will die to log.


Posion will be your main counter to a three musketeer deck. If the opponent doesn’t have three musketeers or minion horde then you can synergies this card with the miner to get extra tower damage and make it harder for your opponent to defend.


This card is extremely strong on defence it can one shot minions and goblins and can be used to kite tanks, pekkas, hogs and balloons away from your tower to give you extra time to counter their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing, this will help you keep track of their cycle and know what counters they have. You can open the match by playing the miner onto their tower or you can even cycle bats, goblin gang or ice spirit at the bridge. If they play en elixir pump then play the miner onto their tower and then posion the pump and the tower that your miner is on.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you need to keep cycling cards on defence while also using the miner on their tower. Because it’s double elixir you can now be more confident with your prediction spells and support your miner with your swarm units to try and get extra damage while applying the extra pressure. Goodluck while running this deck everyone check out my video to see another miner posion deck from Surgical goblin!

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