Fasted Bait Deck Ever
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is probably the fasted viable bait deck that we’ve ever seen in the meta. It’s a 2.6 cycle deck so it can cycle as quick as the the well known hog cycle decks. With all bait decks your main aim is to bait out their counter, like log or arrows, and then punish them with the goblin barrel. When it gets to double elixir you will be able to out cycle most of your opponents because of how fast this deck can cycle. You can stack up princess’ and dart goblins to help out on defence, you can then use the Valkyrie to tank and this will also force your opponent to use their spell to stop these cards. If you know the opponent is either low on elixir or their cycles are out of rotation you can pair the goblin barrel with ice spirit or even Valkyrie which can tank and alllow your barrel to get extra damage.

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Princess is a great defensive card, you should try to protect her from the opponents troops so that they have to use a spell to take her out. I don’t recommend playing her at the bridge unless it is late game and you only need a few hundred damage to win the match. Try to get more than once princess in the arena but make sure you space them out to avoid giving your opponent good spell value.

The Log

This card can reset a princes charge and in most situations you should play this card at the last possible second to try and get the maximum value possible.

Goblin Barrel

This card will be your main win condition. You should try to bait out their counters before playing this card. This is also a great card to use to pressure your opponent if they’ve committed a lot of elixir to one lane. This will make them spend elixir on defence rather than committing all their elixir to a single offensive push.


Valkyrie is extremely strong in this meta. In this deck she can tank damage while your princess and dart goblin help take down the push, then if she has some health left you can counter push with your goblin barrel.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as with every match you play you should try and find out what deck your opponent is playing. You can open the match in many different ways for example a princess behind your towers or cycling skeletons or ice spirit. You can also play ice spirit at the bridge and then play goblin barrel onto their tower, this will allow you to see how the opponent reacts and counters your push. Early game you should try to build up a good elixir lead, you can do this by forcing your opponent to spend more on defence if they don’t have a good counter or you can defend efficiently and slowly build up them positive elixir trades.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck will cycle extremely fast so you will most likely be able to out cycle the opponents counters to the goblin barrel if you were struggling in single elixir. If you have already taken a tower then you will need to still apply pressure in the opposite lane while still focusing on defence. You should always try to get maximum spell value by also getting tower damage while damaging the opponents troops or buildings, you can focus on doing this even better in double elixir. Goodluck while running this deck! Check out my video to see game play from myself and more importantly Mortan using this deck!

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