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This deck has been used by x-bow master over in Clash Royale League Asia. This is a giant witch beat down deck with triple spells. You have a lot of good defensive cards in this deck which you can easily use to then go on an offensive push after you have used them on defence. Because you have the triple spell you can easily counter bait deck or even bridge spam decks with the support of either lumber jack, mega minion or rascals. You’re main aim is to build up a good amount of support troops behind your giant and try to overwhelm your opponents defence. If you’re struggling to break through with your push you could play the lumberjack in the opposite lane if you know your opponent has committed a lot of elixir on defence, you could even support this with a prediction log if your opponent has cards like goblin gang, skeleton army or ice spirit. The game play for this deck starts at 9:25 in my video but I recommend watch all my video to pick up some great pro tips and myself and my guest watch the game play from xbow masters battles.

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The lumberjack jack is a great card to use on defence to quickly chop down troop cards. If you use him on offence then you ideally want him to be in front of your push so the towers and their troops target this card first, then when he dies he rages the rest of your push.


The witch is very hard to counter because she no olinger dies to fireball + log. Her spawn rate of skeletons makes her great to use on defence against beat down decks and her splash damage helps her deal with the support troops. She also supports the giant extremely well and if the giant is tanking the tower damage then her spawned skeletons will lock onto their defensive troops or even their tower.


Rascals will mainly be used to counter decks with charging units like prince, bandit or they’re even a good counter to the royal ghost. The boy rascals is essentially a mini tank so if your giant is out of cycle you could use this card to push a lane or to tank damage from heavy units like pekka.

Mega Minion

This card is one of many of your air counters in this deck. This card can one shot minions and goblins at tourney standards so if your opponent has either of these cards he makes a great supporting unit.


The poison is the heaviest of your three spells it’s great to use to damage elixir collectors or to posion down three musketeers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should play fairly passively and build up a good elixir lead while you assess what deck your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your main cards. If your opponent makes a mistake or plays a heavy tank early on in the game then you should apply pressure in the opposite lane and try to take a tower. Just don’t over commit because you will need to spend elixir on defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will be able to go more aggressive with your giant pushes. If you have already taken a tower then you should primarily focus on defence however you still need to apply light pressure to the other lane to try and get small tower chip damage. You can even go for a three crown push if you get enough support cards on the arena. You should have your spells ready to support your pushes they can often be the difference between taking a tower or not. Good luck running this deck everyone let me know how you get on!

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