Top Pekka Deck For Ladder
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video I show two of the best pekka decks which are extremely strong on ladder. The deck I’m showing is my favourite of the two decks because of the balloon which is a strong win condition. With these decks you should try to activate your king tower using the Tornado. You can do this if the opponent has goblin barrel, hog or graveyard. You have extremely strong defensive cards in this deck the pekka can shut down tanks while your executioner can help take out supporting units. The executioner Tornado combo is also very strong but it does cost 8 elixir so use this wisely and make sure you get good value. Your main aim is to try and get the balloon to their tower, you’re best shot at doing this is on a counter push or to apply pressure at the bridge. The miner is a great card to use as a mini tank to distract their tower from hitting your balloon. You have two spells in this deck the zap and the fireball. These are great counters to three musketeers and minion hordes if your executioner isn’t in cycle. You should also try to get tower chip damage when possible. If the opponent splits three musketeers you should use Tornado to pull them into the same lane and then fireball them and try to hit the tower at the same time.

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This card should mainly be used to counter elixir pumps or to tank damage for your balloon. You can pair this card with zap to retarget tower onto the miner.


This card is your heavy tank, she should mainly not be used on defence and then used on a counter push. She is easily kited so you could use Tornado to pull the units into the lane you want to push if you know you’re ahead on elixir.


This card is your win condition. It’s great apply pressure if your opponent has made a mistake or has committed a lot of elixir early game. It’s death damage can also be valuable at tanking out swarm units.


This high skill cap card can get you so much value. It can pull units into the other lane or you can use it to activate your king tower. It can also kill bats and skeletons.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can open the game with an offensive miner onto their princess tower. You should aim to activate your king tower in the first minute of the game if possible because this will help you defend more efficiently throughout the rest of the game. If the opponent starts the match with an elixir collector then play the miner onto the pump then play the balloon at the river. Have zap ready to counter bats or spear goblins etc.. if they start with a heavy tank then you can also apply pressure in the other lane but you should still aim to keep your princess tower alive even if you take some damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will be able to cycle quicker to help defend the opponents pushes. You should keep apply pressure even if you have already taken a tower. You can use the miner to acquire chip damage along with your spells and the balloons death damage while defending the opponents pushes. Good luck running this deck, check out my video to see a similar deck with a spam element built in and see which deck you prefer!

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