Splash Yard 2.0
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This new splash yard deck is dominating the current meta especially in challenges. This particular deck has the Valkyrie which is a stronger card to use for defence, the other variations of this deck you might see will have the Royal Ghost instead of the Valkyrie. The royal ghost is a better card to pressure your opponent at the bridge so depending on your play style you should choose the best deck for you. With this deck throughout the game you should play defensively and then counter push with your surviving troops. The double wizard combination works great on defence and can often bait out a posion or fireball from your opponent. Lava loon used to be a hard counter to the old splash yard deck, however with this deck you can pressure the opposite lane as soon as they play their hound and you save your wizards and inferno dragon to use on defence. Don’t be afraid to switch lanes throughout the game is your opponent applies a lot of elixir to one lane. Make sure you check out my video to see the optimal placement for graveyard on the opponents towers and to pick up some more awesome tips from my two pro guests Swood and Juicy J.

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Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon offers you so much value in this deck, it can bait out zap or ewiz from your opponent and both of these cards and potentially be a counter to your graveyard. You should primarily use this card to melt down higher elixir cards such as pekka, golem, giant or lava hound.

Electro Wizard

The ewiz has always been an incredibly strong defensive card. He also offers a lot of value as a supporting troop. He will be your main counter to any sparky deck you might go up against. His spawn damage paired with a Tornado can take out a lot of opponents troops. It can also stop a hog rider getting a swing on your tower if you time this correctly and activate your king tower. Ultimately his zap slows down the opponents units allowing your Towers or other defensive cards to shut down their push.

Ice Wizard

The ice wizard is a good opening card to play he is also a good card to cycle and use defensively. He also slows down the opponents units but he has splash damage. You can pair him with a Tornado to pull units together so he can splash their whole push.


Despite the tornados nerf it can still be the difference between winning or losing a match. You should aim to activate your king tower when possible early game especially against hog, goblin barrel and graveyard decks. This card can be used with alsmot every card in this deck. Against three musketeers you should try to pull them into the same lane and then use posion, Valkyrie or bowler to take them out.


The graveyard is your win condition in this deck. This card is hard countered by posion and Valkyrie so you should aim to bait out these cards before you go aggressive with this card.


Bowler can offer you a lot of value he is a good counter to mortar and also counter elite barbarians, barbarians and other ground based swarm units extremely well. He can be used as a tank for your graveyard but you should only do this if you have used him defensively and you then go on a counter push.


Posion is your heavy spell here it’s solid counter to three musketeers, minion horde, elixir collector. In double elixir you should pair this card with Tornado if your opponent is using swarm units like bats, goblin gang or minions.


The Valkyrie should be used as your main tank for your aggressive graveyard pushes. Her splash damage can offer a lot of value defensively and offensively.

Early Stage Gameplan

This deck can be a little slow against some decks in single elixir. It does perform a lot better in double elixir so play reactively and don’t over commit too early unless your opponent makes a mistake for gives you an opening to go aggressive. If the opponent opens the game with an elixir collector then you should apply pressure in the same lane as the collector using a tank for your gravyard. Sometimes the best play is to sit on ten elixir because if you commit a card like bowler in the wrong lane the you can be easily punished and lose a tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time this deck comes into its full potential, you should defend and build up a good amount of troops and then go on a solid counter push. If you happen to take a tower early game make sure you keep up light pressure in the opposite while still focusing mainly on defence. Remember to switch lanes if your struggling to break through their defence. Goodluck running this deck everyone I hope you all get to 12 wins!

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