Royal Recruits are OP
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

The new Royal Recruits are incredibly strong and if you haven’t completed the challenge yet I highly advise choosing them if you get the choice! This hog deck works well on both defence and offence and this is pretty much down to the royal Recruits. You can defend with the Recruits and then counter push, because of the unique mechanics of how they cover both lanes it will mean you can choose which lane to push making it harder for your opponent to predict your placements. With hog cycle decks you should defend, counter push throughout the game. If your opponent plays an elixir collector or a heavy tank then you should apply pressure in the opposite lane to force them to use elixir in a lane they don’t want to. The ice golem and the Recruits both work well as a tank for your hog rider which could potentially allow him to get more tower damage.

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Electro Wizard

The ewiz stun mechanics can work well at supporting you pig pushes or you can also use him on defence. His enter the arena ability means you pretty much have a zap in this deck, he will be your main counter to sparky decks although your Recruits shields will tank a blast from the sparky.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon is your main tank killer, the Recruits work great at distracting any supporting units your opponent has.

The Log

The log is a great cycle card and can also give you a lot of value. Later in the game you can make prediction plays to help support your hog rider once you know what your opponent is playing and if you can get value from playing this card predictively.

Royal Recruits

If you play this as the opponents troops are coming down a lane then four will go into the lane of the opponents troops and the other two will go down the other lane and they will need to be answered by your opponent or they’ll get a lot of damage!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start the match out by cycling a hog rider at the river. Have your spells ready to counter any cards they might play which you could get a positive elixir trade from. You can also split the Recruits in the back and you will have three tanky guards heading down both lanes. If the opponent plays an elixir collector in front of their king tower you can play the hog inline with it at the river so the hog will head for the pump and stop them gaining an elixir lead. Remember to try and figure out what cards your opponent has and what counters they have to your main cards. You should aim to make positive elixir trades and then pressure with the hog.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game this deck becomes even stronger because you can cycle back to the Recruits quicker which means you have a strong card on defence which will turn into an offensive push. You can start to be more confident with your prediction spell placements to help support your hog rider especially with the opponents have goblin gang, skeleton army, ice spirit or even fire spirits. Try to get spell value whenever you can throughout the whole game. Goodluck using these awesome new cards and make sure you check out my video to see a three musketeer deck including the new card.

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