Graveyard Recruits OP
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This graveyard deck brought to us by loupanji and it is a great deck to use in challenges or even ladder if you have good level Royale Recruits. You have a bait element with this deck because of the zappies and flying machine. These two cards will often bait out your opponents spells such as fireball or posion. You can then go more aggressive with your graveyard, you should almost always have a card tanking for your graveyard, ideally the ice golem or Royale Recruits. The posion is a good spell to use to support your graveyard if your opponent has swarms based cards like bats, goblins or minions which they might use to counter your graveyard. The Tesla will be your main defensive card especially against hog and beat down decks. It works very well at kiting units away from your tower giving you more time for your princess towers and troop cards to counter their push. The Royale Recruits are a very low skill cap card, but that makes them great to use in this deck, they are great to use against the opponents who try to split lane push, their main counters will be bowler or wizard. They can counter three musketeers, pekkas, princes, bridge spam and most of the time they will survive and allow you to go on a strong counter push. Against another graveyard player you should always save your posion spell to use against their graveyard and then try to stack up support troops to force out their spell.

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This card is your main win condition. You shouldn’t play this card until you know roughly what deck your opponent is playing, you need to keep track of their hard counters such as posion, Valkyrie, bats or archers and then try to out cycle these counters or play a prediction spells. You can use this card defensively especially to slow down pekkas or a princes. I would only do this in rare situations where you don’t have another good counter in cycle.


Their posion is your main spell in this deck it is a good counter to minion horde, three musketeers and elixir pumps. If the opponent has all three of these cards then the Royale Recruits will counter the musketeers, the icegolem plus snow ball will counter the minions and you still have the poison for the pump or to save so you can support the graveyard. All these moves will give you a positive elixir trade.

Ice Golem

The ice golem is a great card it can be used to kite units into the opposite lane or to tank damage while your graveyard or other support cards chip away.

Royal Recruits

The Recruits are currently extremely strong they can block both lanes for just six elixir and then you can go on a counter push with your graveyard.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should aim to figure out what deck your opponent is playing you should then keep track of their card cycles so you know when you can go aggressive with your graveyard. A good opening move with this deck is to play the Recruits. In fact if your ever unsure what play to make then playing the Recruits will be a good decision! (Unless you have a balloon heading for your tower) If the opponent plays an elixir collector you can go aggressive with your graveyard, if they place their pump behind their tower you should push that lane so the skeletons damage the pump. If they start out with a heavy tank like giant, golem or lava hound you should apply pressure to the opposite lane. You will need your Tesla to use for defence. If you don’t have a good opportunity to place your graveyard early game, then play passively, build up a good elixir lead while monitoring your opponents play style.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you have successfully taken a tower already then you should primarily focus on a strong defensive relying on your Recruits and Tesla, however you should still apply pressure to the other lane to force your opponent to spend elixir. If you haven’t taken a tower then defend well and build up lots of support troops. With the recruits you can apply split lane pressure making harder for you opponent to predict which lane you will place the graveyard, remember to support your push with spells especially the poison of the opponent has swarm based units to counter your graveyard. Goodluck using this deck everyone!

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