New Level 1 World Record
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video today we’re following Amaterasu who has recently broken the world record for the highest trophies reached using a level one account. Amaterasu is part of Nova One and if your interested in joining the family then find @Otche_CPA on twitter! Running a level one account requires an extreme amount of patience and skill. You should play a level one account for enjoyment and for the challenge. Using a level one account will definitely help you improve your all round game play because you will need to learn micro card interactions. Your princess towers are very fragile too so you can’t rely on them like you would in a normal match to help you out on defence. You should play these accounts similar to how you would play a bait deck, you should protect you princess because she can offer so much value with her splash damage and she is also your main air counter. You need to practise at counting the opponents elixir, and be aware of their card cycle. You should aim to bait out their spells onto your troops and not allow the opponent to get spell value on your fragile towers.

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Electro Wizard

The electro wizard has his spawn zap damage so he is effectively you second spell in the deck. He will be a good counter to minion hordes, goblin gangs and slowing down charging battle rams or tanks.


The princess will probably be your main defensive card. Her splash damage can offer so much value at defensive and offensive plays. You should try to protect her so that you opponent has to play a spell to counter her.


The bandit is a good card to use to pressure your opponent. You can also use her to kite air units into the opposite lane and away from your towers. She can stop a charging prince without taking damage her self.


She is a great card to use on defence but even stronger on offence. If you play her behind your lumberjack then he will tank damage for her and when he dies he will his rage spell helping her to charge up quicker and get more damage.


The Lumberjack is your main tank in this deck his speed mean he can be a good card to use on defence and then you can turn it intolerable nd offensive push.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon will be mainly used to take down tanks, you can use the skeleton army to help bait out a zap or log. The skeleton army also works great against pekkas, giants and golems.

Early Stage Gameplan

As we said above your towers are extremely fragile so if the opponent plays a lava hound or a golem behind their towers you should rush the opposite lane and try to take their tower. You should keep inferno dragon in hand to help counter their tank. The chances are you will tower trade but it’s better than not taking one of their towers at all.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game your opponent will be able to start spell cycling if you don’t keep the pressure on their towers, you need to learn how much elixir to save for defence and allowing the maximum amount to go on an offensive push. Try to stack up princess while keeping them spaced out and away from your towers the sparky lumberjack will be your win condition in most battles so try to support these two cards when they’re heading for your opponents towers. Good luck to everyone who has a level one account!

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