Best Loon Deck Ever?
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This balloon cycle deck I’m sharing with you today is currently been used by “WHYALWAYSME” who currently has two accounts inside the top 200 in the world. Make sure you check out my video to learn some more great hints and tips on this deck and how to counter some of the more tricky match ups. So with balloon cycle decks it’s about know your opponents cycle and elixir and then punishing them when you can. The miner or Recruits should be used to tank for the balloon if possible remeber to use the zap to retarget damage if needed. You should always try to get value with your spells by chipping away at their towers while also damaging troops or buildings. Try to use the Tornado to activate your king tower early game if your opponent is playing graveyard, hog or goblin barrel.

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Inferno Dragon

This card is you main tank killer. It’s currently an extremely strong card in the meta, it also works great to distract units and will be you main counter to, pekkas, golems, giants and lava hounds. It’s also a good counter to the balloon if you pair it with ice wizard, Tornado or zap.

Ice Wizard

The ice wizard is a good card to use on defence and you should mainly use him as a support card. He can counter minions if you pair him with zap or Tornado.


The miner is your mini tank in this deck, you can use this to tank tower damage for your balloon. Remeber to use be zap to retarget the tower if it isn’t locked into the miner.

Royal Recruits

The royal Recruits are pretty straight forward to play. They are good cards to go on a counter push with and allow them to tank damage for you balloon.


The balloon is your main win condition in this deck. Even if you don’t also get a hit off on their tower then pressuring the opponent is still good because it forces the opponent to spend elixir on defence and the balloons death damage will most likely damage their tower or their surviving troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

For opening moves I recommend that you always let the opponent make the first move. You should try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing and then try to keep track of their counters and then go aggressive when they’re out of rotation. You shouldn’t go on an all out push to early in the game but if the opportunity arises, for example they play a heavy tank in the back, they play an elixir collector or you know they’re low on elixir. You should still pressure with the balloon in single elixir however make sure you have enough elixir to use on defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to cycle the balloon a lot faster. You can now start to make prediction plays with your fireball to support you’re balloon or you can even pair ice wizard with Tornado to pull units away from your balloon and slow them down. If you don’t make any other obvious plays then you can cycle the Recruits, ice wizard or even the inferno dragon if you are at a reset point in the match. Remember to use he miner to tank tower damage while also chipping away at their tower.

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