2.9 Hog Trifecta
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Today I’m going to talk about this hog cycle deck which is played by VULKcan. He says that unlike the 2.6 hog cycle your main focus should be to defend efficiently as possible using the Valkyrie and musketeer and then hog push when you can. You have some cheap cycle cards here to help out cycle those annoying defensive cards your opponent might be running. The two spells in this deck work well together because the log has its knock back effect which can reset a charging prince or battle ram. The fireball is a good card to use against elixir collectors, three musketeers and minion hordes. If you find yourself against a graveyard player then don’t allow their tank to cross the bridge. You can also use canon, Valkyrie, or skeletons to help defend against the graveyard. Remember to always try and get value with your spells if possible unless your opponent is baiting out the fireball. Check out my video to see how to use this deck against lava hound and a couple of other decks you might run into on ladder or in challenges.

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The musketeer is a great defensive card. She is your main air defence, you should try to protect her try to keep her alive for as long as possible in order to get the maximum value possible.


Valkyrie is a good card to use to tank for the hog rider. You don’t always want to use her for this purpose because it will cost you eight elixir to play. I would suggest only going aggressive with Valkyrie and hog either after using her on defence or waiting until double elixir or when you know you have a good elixir lead. She is also a good counter to the very annoying royal Recruits.

Hog Rider

The hog rider is your win condition in this deck. You can use him to pressure the opponent is they over spend on elixir or you know they don’t have any counters in rotation. If the opponent plays an elixir pump in front of their king tower you can pathetic hog directly opposite the the pump so that the hog will head towards the pump. You can also use him to kite units allowing your defence extra time to take down their push.


The canon is a great card to help aid your defence. It can kite units like golems, hogs, giants and balloon. You can also play it at the river if your opponent has a seige deck then you can use Valkyrie or hog to tank some damage while he canon takes out their win condition. Make sure to see my match against VULKcan to see how he activates his king tower by kiting a balloon.

Early Stage Gameplan

A good opening play with this card is the placing a hog rider at the bridge, this can apply pressure and sometimes catch your opponent without a solid defensive card in cycle. You can then use your cycle cards to try and defend their push for a positive elixir trade. Early game you one of their first things you should always do it try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing, this will help you understand how they’re likely to defend and then you can adjust your play style accordingly. Try to make positive elixir trades before you go to aggressive with your hog.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck cycles extremely quickly, you can now start to be more aggressive with your hog rider and support him with Valkyrie, musketeers and even your cycle cards. Try to space these it so your opponent doesn’t get the opportunity to fireball all your troops at once. You can also support the hog with prediction logs or fireball if your know your opponent have swarm cards like goblins, minions or even archers or barbarians. If you you have taken a tower the you still need to apply pressure in the opposite lane so the opponent can’t spend all their elixir in one lane. Goodluck running this deck let me know on Twitter how you guys get on using this deck!

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