OP Dart Goblin Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

The dart goblin is finally in a spot in the meta where he is extremely viable and very strong. He synergies well with the princess or Valkyrie and he can help make a great defensive combo. He also acts as a bait card to allow you to potentially go ahead with the goblin barrel or princess. With all bait decks your main aim is to force your opponent to play their counter to your goblin barrel or princess and then punish them and try to get some tower chip damage. You should try to chip away throughout the game with damage from your dart goblin, princess and goblin barrel. You can use you Valkyrie to tank for the damage of the tower and allow your goblin barrel to get more damage if their log is out of cycle. I only recommend doing his if you have used the Valkyrie on defence.

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Like all bait decks the princess is one of your key defensive cards, you should try to protect her from units so it forces your opponent to use a spell to take her out. You can stack princess’ up across your side of the arena and then use Tornado to help take down the opponents pushes.

Goblin Barrel

The goblin barrel will be the card you play to punish your opponent when you have baited out their log. If you play this card as an opening move make sure you play it in the anti Tornado position.


This card can work very well especially if you pair it with princess or Valkyrie. You should try activate your king tower early game to help you defend throughout the rest of the match.

Dart Goblin

The dart goblin is very fast if you cycle him at the bridge he is alsmot gusto get some tower chip damage. Because of his large range you can play him in the opposite lane to help out on defence and it also means you can place him far away from the princess so the opponent can’t take them out with a single spell.

Early Stage Gameplan

With bait decks you often rely on getting a good amount of chip damage even in single elixir. You should keep cycling cards and never let your elixir bar fill up. You can open the game with a princess in the back or even play a goblin barrel into their tower in the anti Tornado position. Try to assess your opponents deck and figure out what they’re playing as early as possible this will help you judge what cards they have in rotation so you know when to go aggressive and when to keep your foot of the gas. The Valkyrie will be your main defensive cards against those higher HP troops but you can then use her to counter push your opponents.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you might start to struggle against beat down decks, you should apply pressure in one lane to force the opponent to spend elixir on defence. You should hold onto cards like Tornado, princess and Valkyrie to use on defence against these beat down decks. In most matchups you still need to apply pressure even if you have already taken a tower. You could potentially split lane push if you have a good elixir advantage. Remember to get chip damage with your fireball if you get the opportunity, if their towers are around 800HP you could start fireball cycling the opponent if your struggling to break through their defence.

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