Top Balloon Freeze Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In today’s guide I’m going to talk about one of my favourite decks with only one legendary card. In my video myself and miniminter, who is a 100% free to play player, talk about four different decks that are viable for f2p players who have a trophy range of 3500-5500. Miniminter is an extremely skilled player and he gives some great tips about all the decks in my video so make sure you check him out on Twitter, @Miniminter_CR. So with this deck your going to rely up on the balloon in order to win a game. Your pushes are strongest when you have you wizard as a support card behind the balloon to help deal with any swarm units your opponent might play to counter the balloon. The freeze spell can take some practise to use to get maximum value. You need to know when to use it offensively and when you should play it defensively which you shouldn’t be afraid to do. You also have the miner which you can pair with zap to retarget the tower away from your balloon.

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The miner is a mini tank in this deck and he is also a good counter to an elixir pump or assassinating princess’s or even a musketeer. Later game you can pair him with zap to help support your balloon pushes and retarget the towers damage if required.


The balloon is your win condition in this deck. It’s a good card to pressure your opponent and it also has death damage which can chip away at the opponents towers or damage their counter push units.


With the freeze you only have once chance to surprise your opponent and potentially take down their tower in a single push. You need to keep track of their counters and freeze them once they play them and are low on elixir if you use it to support your balloon. If you play this card on defence it synergies well with wizard, Valkyrie and Tesla.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game if you don’t get rushed by elite barbarians like I always seem to do, then you either cycle bats or play a miner on to the outside corner of their princess towers. I would preferably wait 10-15 seconds in case they play and elixir collector which you will need you miner to counter. If they start out with a heavy tank in the back you can go aggressive in the opposite lane with your balloon and try to get some good tower damage. The Tesla will be key to kiting units away from your towers while the wizard and Valkyrie take down their push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game your going to be able to cycle back to the balloon quicker, if they’re applying lots of pressure you still need to keep those balloons going towards their tower and forcing them to spend elixir on defence. You might have to save the freeze for defence because in double elixir if you don’t get a good value freeze then your going to have a strong counter push coming your way. If their tower only has a few hundred HP you can chip away with the miner while you focus on defence.

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