Giants Double Minions
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In my video today I show two decks that are currently been used in top level ladder game play. The deck is fairly straightforward to play. The basics of this decks is that you should try to bait out the opponents bigger spells with your minions and then you can go ahead and punish them with the minion horde and night witch. You have the miner to carry in tanking tower damage once the giant has died. As soon as the opponent plays their fireball you can keep going aggressive and constantly push your opponent knowing they’ll have to keep using their spells to counter the units. You have three spells in this deck that make it great for defending and also acquiring chip damage against your opponents towers.

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This guy is the secondary tank in your deck and he also also a good card to use to attack an elixir collector.

Night Witch

The night witch is a great card to play in the back because she can spawn bats which can help on defence. She also acts as a bait card to bigger spells.


You ideally want this guy to tank damage while your support units deal with the opponents troops and potentially take down their tower. You can use him to kite pekkas, ghost, prince and Ebarbs into the opposite lane and away from your tower.

Minion Horde

Some players call this the skill horde and yes it is fairly straight forward to use however you can also give your opponent an elixir advantage if you just play this card without baiting out their counters first.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I recommend waiting 15-20 seconds before making the first move. I would never start the match with a giant in he back because you can be easily punished in the opposite lane. You can however play the miner onto the anti Tornado spot on their tower or split regular minions in the back. If you have a start had with three spells and giant you could log or zap their tower to cycle to another card. You can also start with a night witch in the back.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should be able to bait out their spells, you can also split lane push if they have units like executioner or baby dragon paired with Tornado. If you have taken a tower then you pretty much only need to defend. I would personally cycle the miner on their tower to keep light pressure on while acquiring chip damage. If it’s a close game you can easily start to spell cycle your opponent if the HP is around 400-500. Goodluck running this deck let me know how successful you are using this deck!

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