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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Lava loon has been floating around in the meta for about two years! Bochum who is my guest on my video today is probably the best lava loon player in the world. The main aim with this deck is to have a balloon heading towards their tower with a lava hound tanking the damage. The other cards in their deck you will use to defend their pushes or support your own. The minions act as a great bait card for arrows or ewiz to allow your lava pups to get more chip damage. If the opponent has Tornado then you should try to bait out the Tornado before you go aggressive with your balloon. Generally you should choose to play the same lane that your opponent is attacking unless you’re against a golem beat down deck. In these matchups you should use the tombstone to kite the golem and then use support troops to stop their push, then you should try to counter push with your surviving troops. The two spells in this deck, fireball and zap, both synergies very well together, the fireball can deal with minion hordes and the zap can be used to allow the balloon to potentially get an extra shot on their tower or can be used to retarget enemy troops.

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Lava Hound

The lava hound is your heavy tank in the deck you should rarely be used as an opening card. It should be used mainly to tank tower damage for the balloon however the lava pups can do a lot of damage if they’re left uncountered. You can use minions to bait out cards like zap or arrows to make it harder for your opponent to deal with the pups.


The balloon is a good punish card and will be your main source of tower damage in the majority of matches. It’s best to be played behind your lava hound so the hound can tank damage and allow the balloon to get closer to the tower. It’s death damage is good at chipping away at their HP and also damaging their units.


The Valkyrie is one of two ground units in this deck so if you play her unnecessarily you can be easily punished especially against bridge spam decks or royal giant players with elite barbarians. She is also your main counter against graveyard players along with the minions so try to keep one if these in cycle if your opponent has a graveyard deck.


Tombstone is one of your main defensive units, especially against hog cycle decks where the correct placement of this card is vital. It’s also a great card to kite cards like prince, pekka, golem and giants away from your tower while your support units and princess towers tank down their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should wait for your opponent to make the first move. If they play an elixir pump as their first card then you should fireball the pump if you have it in rotation. You can go for a lava loon push during single elixir if you know you have an elixir lead or they don’t have a solid counter in rotation. Be careful not to over commit during the first two minuets and leave yourself at an elixir disadvantage because it can be hard to recover from especially against golem matchups.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time when this deck becomes stronger because you can cycle back to the balloon quicker and also cycle back to your ground units easier allowing you to defend better against those annoying decks. Make sure you check out my video to see some amazing matches played by Bochum who is using this deck on ladder, we talk about some of the best card placements and how to deal with tricker matchups!

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