7k Trophy Bait Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This deck was used by HADi to be the first player to achieve over 7000 trophies in the history of the game. Bait decks have always been viable in the meta bit this variation should continue to be strong even after the next balance update. This bait deck has a higher average elixir than most bait decks however the rascals can offer you a lot of value on defence. As you can see in the video HADi will spend a lot of elixir on defence because his offensive pushes are relatively low elixir. The princess, goblin barrel, rascals and goblin gang are you main bait cards and once your opponent counters one of these cards using their spells then it means you can play one of the other cards and potentially get tower damage if they don’t have a counter in their card rotation. The Valkyrie and boy rascal are you two mini tanks so they should be used to tank damage from either their troops or princess towers while your support troops do the damage or your goblins chips away at their towers.

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Princess is a great defensive card you should play the barrel to bait out their log to allow you to play the princess. You should try to protect her as much as you can and try to stack up princess’ to help you out on defence. Make sure you space her placements out to avoid giving your opponent a positive elixir trade.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is your main win condition and a great card to use to pressure your opponent. You should play this card at every opportunity even if you know they have a log in rotation. This is good practice because it means they have to log the barrel which means they don’t have a good counter for the princess which can offer a lot of value on defence.


The rocket is your heavy spell and you should only play this card against an elixir collector or against their tower if they give you a lot of value by playing higher elixir cards close to their towers. You can also rocket cycle later game but you need to be aware that it can leave you at an elixir deficit so this should only be done if you need one or two rockets to take down their tower in over time. This card can also take a balloon down to 1HP if you don’t have other cards in cycle to defend the balloon.

Early Stage Gameplan

A good starting play is to place the princess behind your king tower. You can also play a goblin barrel in the anti Tornado position (outside corner) to potentially catch your opponent without a counter in cycle. I don’t recommend playing Valkyrie or rascals to early because you will need them if they rush your tower with a hog, elite barbarians or even if they play a seige card at the bridge. You should keep cycling the barrel against their tower when you get it in rotation while defending and taking minimal damage on your towers. Take any rocket value your opponent gives if they play a card that costs four elixir or more to close to their towers which can be killed by the rocket. Try to stack up princess’ and force your opponent to use their log which will give you more value when you play your next goblin barrel.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is pretty similar to early game with this type of deck, besides you can be more confident with using your rocket if they offer you a value and you can possibly play a tank for the barrel. With the barrel HADi likes to play it directly onto their tower then in the final stages of the match he will play a duke barrel to try and trick the opponent. If you have taken a tower then make sure you keep the pressure up in the opposite lane to force your opponent to spend elixir on defence. Goodluck running this deck I hope you all have as much success with it as HADi has done!

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