Future of Miner Poison?
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Today we have Jake aka Tag talking about this aggressive miner posion deck. He says this is the future of miner posion even though the inferno dragon will be getting a nerf it will still be extremely strong in this deck. In the majority of matchups you will defend and then counter push your opponent with your surviving troops and a miner on their tower. The aim of this deck is to acquire chip damage using your miner and your spells throughout the match, don’t go to aggressive with pairing your miner and posion to early because you will over spend on elixir and potentially lose the game. One of the best tips tag said is to play as many royal ghosts as possible because it can be a tricky card for your opponent to counte eand will also apply pressure forcing them to spend elixir on defence rather than offence. Try to always get good spell value throughout the match, try to chip away at their tower while also damaging their units that they’ve played close to their towers.

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Electro Wizard

Ewiz is a great defensive card and his enter the arena ability basically means you have three spells in this deck. He’s a good support card to use in the back to give your units extra time to best down their defences. He will be your main counter to sparky decks and can also help out a lot against bridge spam decks including battle ram and zapping goblins or bats.

Inferno Dragon

This guy is your main tank killer and he will often survive to allow you to go on a strong counter push if you pair him with your miner or ice golem! You should try to protect your inferno dragon especially against beat down decks, you can use your ice golem or miner to tank damage if your inferno dragon gets to close to the river where it can be sniped by enemy units.


You will use this card to chip away at the opponents towers throughout the match. Make sure you switch up your miner placements throughout the match the make it harder for your opponent to predict your placements. Don’t be afraid to play him on defence especially against decks with bandit or prince where you don’t want them charging on the tower if you don’t have the ice golem in rotation.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is a good card to use to tank damage for your towers or troops. He can easily kite units like, pekka, lumberjack, elite barbarians, inferno dragon away from your towers allowing you to take down their units while making a positive elixir trade.

Royal Ghost

The royal ghost is a solid card and will often force a higher elixir defence from your opponent. He’s a good card to use to pressure the opposite lane or even as your first play of the game.

Early Stage Gameplan

If the opponent pumps up in the first few seconds you can play a miner onto their towers and then posion the pump, most of the time the opponent will place prediction troops onto their pump to try and catch the miner giving you extra posion value. Miner shouldn’t be used as an opening card unless unless you have poison in your first five cards to tackle any potential elixir collectors or minion hordes. The best opening play is the royal ghost if you like the make the first move.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game this deck will cycle very quickly which will mean you’ll be able to have the cards you need ready to defend or pressure the opposite lane if they spend a lot of elixir on one side of the arena. You should still aim to defend and then counter push put because it’s double elixir you can play a royal ghost at the bridge or keep cycling your miner on their tower. Goodluck using this deck everyone hope you all enjoy playing it and don’t forget to check out my video to see live game play as me and tag talk about the key features of this deck!

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