Dirtiest Deck Ever?
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This dirty dirty deck is good for free to play players and that is the reason you see it so much around the 4-5k trophy range. The Royal Giant is your win condition and he can easily snipe your opponents towers to get damage. Try to also have support troops on the field to support your royal giant as he crosses the river. He can also be used to snipe enemy buildings if they play them three tiles from the river. You are short on air counters here so don’t play your archers until you know what your opponent is playing! The archers can be vital in winning with this deck so don’t split them in the back try to keep the match together so they get more damage. You also have three spells in this deck you should also aim to get tower chip damage with all your spells, majority of the time you will use your spells to support your royal giants pushes.

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Lightening is a great card to help you make a positive elixir trade while also getting good tower damage. During single elixir I would only play this card if you can take down more than six elixir of your opponents units while also damaging their tower. In double elixir you can be confident and play this card while taking out a minimum of four elixir worth of troops.


Furnace is a great card and you should keep stacking them up as much as possible to keep the pressure om your opponent. You can also play it so the fire spirits go into the opposite lane to force your opponent to spend elixir in the opposite lane.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini pekka is a great card to help take down giants and golems. It is a strong mini tank so it can take some damage so you don’t have to worry about protecting this card like you would a princess, magic archer or inferno dragon. It can also be used to counter push if it have enough HP left after defending.

Royal Giant

The Royal Giant is your main win condition, he is best played in the back during the first two minuets of the game to allow you to build up a good push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game a good opening play is the furnace in he middle of the arena and four tiles from the river. You should use the furnace to cycle through your deck if you have enough elixir. You can also cycle the fire spirits at the bridge. One thing you shouldn’t do is split the archers because you will need them against air units. If the opponent starts the match with a tank in the back then play the royal giant behind your king tower in the same lane, then build up support troops behind your push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you will be able to start playing he Royal Giant more aggressive by playing him at the bridge, I would only do this if you have one or two units on the field ready to help support the royal giant. If you have already taken a tower then you should still apply pressure in the opposite lane while defending. You can also also use the log or arrows to make prediction plays if you know your opponent has swarm units to counter you Royal Giant.

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