Graveyard Canon Cart!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a deck from a few months ago when canon cart used to be good! Bigspin is predicting that this deck will be strong once again after these most recent balance changes. With graveyard decks you should have a good understanding of what’s your opponent is playing before you go aggressive and place your graveyard on their tower. If they have posion you need to ensure that it is out of cycle before you play the graveyard. You should almost always play your graveyard along with a unit to tank damage while your skeletons build up on the opponents tower. The ice golem, canon cart or mega minion can be good cards to tank the tower damage. The key to winning with any graveyard deck is defending efficiently and then counter pushing with your surviving units. You can us the Tornado to pull units like Valkyrie away from your graveyard to allow the skeletons to survive longer. Posion is probably the best supporting card to use for your graveyard especially if they have swarm units to defend your win condition.

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This card is your win condition, make sure your opponents counters are out of cycle or you have enough elixir to use your spells to deal with cards like minions, bats and archers.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is a great defensive card and if you pair him with other units he can help stop any tower damage. You can pair him with Tornado to shut down minion hordes or to keep a balloon away from your tower.

Ice Golem

The ice golem should mainly be used as a tank for your graveyard, you can also use him to kite units away from your tower and into the opposite lane where you can then counter push.

Giant Snowball

Snowball is a great card to help take out bats or spear goblins if your opponent plays them to counter your graveyard. It also has its special effect which will slow the tower down briefly allowing more skeletons to build up.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart will no longer be knocked back by the “push back” effect. It’s a great defensive card and also works well in supporting your graveyard. You can also use this card a bit like a bridge spam archetype if you need to get some chip damage and you know you pr opponent is low on elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should aim to play fairly passively and wait for a good opportunity to play the graveyard. If the opponent plays and elixir collector then play a tank at the river then place your graveyard on their tower, if they have played the pump behind their tower then apply pressure in the same lane. If you’re against a beat down deck including lava hound decks then you need to apply pressure in the opposite lane as soon as they play their tank in the back. Tornado will be a great card to include in every deck after the king tower buff. You should try to activate your king tower as early as possible to help aid your defence throughout the rest of the match. Cards like hog and goblin barrel can be easily used to activate your king tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to support your graveyard better with your key spells. Try to keep chipping away with your spells if your opponent gives you value especially if your are struggling to break through their defence. You can also split lane push if he opponent has played a lot of elixir in one lane then it is probably a wise decision to switch lanes and try to catch your opponent off guard. Make sure you leave yourself enough elixir to defend your towers. If you have already taken a tower during the early stages of the game you still need to apply light pressure in the opposite lane while still focusing on defence.

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