Pompeo The Balloon God!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Pompeo is one of the best ladder players in the world and this is the deck that he used to get two accounts inside the top 200 last season. The balloon is your main win condition inside this deck, it’s a great card to apply pressure against your opponent and even if you don’t directly hit the tower the balloons death damage is good at chipping away at the opponents towers and also damaging their defensive units. You have two mini tanks in this deck, the miner and the ice golem, which can both be used to help support your balloon pushes. The two spells in this deck work very well together, if you pair them you can shut down three musketeers if you play them quickly enough. The inferno dragon, the tombstone and the Mega minion will mainly be used for defence which you can then use to go on a counter push. Check out my video to see game play from Pompeo using this deck and see how he plays his cards strategically to help beat some of the hard counters you might face.

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Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon has recently had a nerf due to the knock back effect it has received from the fireball and snowball. However it will still be vital for helping you beat those heavier decks you might go agaisnt.


The miner is an extremely versatile card, you can use him to target an elixir collector or to tank damage for you balloon. He is also a good card to help acquire chip damage on the opponents towers throughout the match if you need to cycle a card. He can also be used on defence especially if your ice golem is out of cycle and you need the tombstone for other units.


The balloon is your win condition here you should play this card when you know your opponent doesn’t have a good air counter in hand.


Tombstone will be key to kiting units like golem, pekka, prince, bandit, hog rider, balloons and battle rams. If you’re against any of these cards don’t play this card until you need to use it for defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to get a feel for what deck your opponent is playing. You should try to keep track of their main balloon counters so you know when you can go aggressive once those cards are out of cycle. A good opening play is the miner onto the anti Tornado position however i would wait 15-20 seconds before making the first play incase the opponent pumps up as you miner their tower. You can also play the tombstone four tiles from the river if you don’t have miner in cycle and you like to make the first move. During single elixir you should play fairly passively and defend then counter push with your surviving troops or if your opponent makes a mistake. If they play a heavy tank early game then apply pressure in the opposite lane with the balloon. Try to get chip damage with the miner and get good value with your spells if your opponent gives you the opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to cycle the balloons and miners a lot quicker against their towers, you often only need a couple of bombs to hit their tower before you can miner cycle or spell cycle. However the balloon will often force your opponent to invest a lot of elixir on defence so it is wise to continue pressuring your opponent with the balloon even if you are winning the match so far. Goodluck using this deck, it’s a deck that takes some practise to get used to playing in order to understand the micro card interactions.

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