Golem Lumberjack Cannon Cart Deck ( After Balance Changes )
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey What's going on folks ? In this guide we will discuss a new Golem Cannon Cart Lumberjack deck that can be used in the current meta. This deck is a revised version of the powerful Golem Beatdown deck which featured the night witch and flying machine. Pump elixir is the key to this deck and taking advantage of the recently buffed cannon cart and baby dragon attack speed will definitely make this deck even more powerful.

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The lumberjack will lead your raged up charge and will be very important in leading you to an early or late game push. Use defensively in the beginning half of the match and as a support to the golem once you start pushing with your colossal tank.


The Golem continues to be the king of the beatdown decks and isn't a force to be taken . lightly. Once you have developed a good flow of elixir or have pumps working for your count, then utilize the golem as your main tank and support with your remaining cards

Cannon Cart

After the buff the cannon cart has found a great place in the meta is a great addition to counter against ground units and provide excellent support for the golem.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the first half of the match, pump as much elixir as you can to gain your count and use your support cards to defend and create postitive elixir trade offs. This will all help you create a huge advantage for when you decide to push with your golem. Remember when stacking ensure you rotate between one air troop and one ground troop and use the tornado to pull all your opponents defense troops in for an easier attack so you can clear the golems paths. Your cannon cart will work wonders when supporting the golem

Late Stage Gameplan

In the late game, if you pumped or create enough elixir advantages, you will have a ton of fun steamrolling your opppnents push and taking their towers and eventually 3 crown wins.

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