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clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

I found this deck while I was watching some replays on TV Royale! This is a very control based deck because of the barbarian hut and you also have to zappies to help out on defence. The zappies and flying machine work well together because they both act as a bait card for the opponents spells. The Valkyrie is also an extremely strong card and you can easily use her to counter push after a successful defence. The battle ram will mainly be used to pressure your opponent when they commit a lot of elixir in one lane, it’s a great card to use to pressure your opponent and it can also be used to split lane push if you have some barbarians already going down one lane. If they play their log you can apply pressure at the lane with the battle ram and fire spirits. This deck you should play passively until you see an opening to take advantage of your opponent.

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The Log

The log is your light spell and you should always aim to get good value when using this card. A good tip is to play this card at the last possible second to try and catch any cards your opponent might place when you play the log.


Posion is your heavy spell here and it can offer you a lot of value against three musketeers or an elixir collector. You should aim to get tower chip damage with both spells whenever possible.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits are a massively underrated card in the game, they’re two elixir and often force a response from your opponent even if you just cycle them at the bridge. They are great at dealing with swarm units so they can act as a second spell against bait decks.

Barbarian Hut

Barbarian hut is a good card it will apply pressure if your opponent ignores the barbarians and it also spawns he units to help out on defence while kiting units away from your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

During single elixir if your opponent has hog, golem or giant you shouldn’t go too aggressive because you will need to be able to play the hut to help out on defence as soon as possible so it spawns more barbarians. Just ensure you space out your zappies and flying machine so they don’t get spell value. You should wait around 15-20 seconds before playing the first card to see if your opponent will make the first move, a good first play is either splitting zappies, cycling fire spirits or even playing the barbarian hut if you have log or Valkyrie near by to help protect the hut.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to play more aggressive with your battle ram especially against hog, golem or giants players. Try to get more than one barbarian hut on the field to help you try and over whelm your opponent. You should try to apply pressure in both lanes if you’re struggling to break through their defence. You can split zappies to help with split lane pushing too. Goodluck while using this deck every is great fun to play and you have a counter for almost any match up you might face.

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