New Bait Meta!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This new style bait deck has the canon cart which was recently buffed in the latest balance changes. With all bait decks you should keep cycling the princess whenever you get the opportunity, she can offer you so much value in the majority of matchups and will often force your opponent to use their log if they’re running it in their deck which means you can apply pressure with your goblin barrel on their tower. OzzieCR who is the player who features in my video plays this deck fairly aggressively, this helps keep the pressure on your opponent and forces them to spend their elixir defensively rather than spending it on offence like they’d prefer. You can keep pressuring the opponent with the different bait cards in this deck until they no longer have a good counter in cycle which will result in tower damage. With bait decks you need to make sure you space out your cards to avoid giving your opponents a lot of spell value. If your opponent has an elixir collector then your barrel will be the main counter to stop them gaining an elixir advantage. You should apply pressure in the opposite lane then play the barrel onto the elixir collector.

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Princess, dart goblin and ice spirit are your air targeting units, the princess should be cycled at pretty much every opportunity you get. She is a good support unit and will probably be the main unit you use to bait out the log if your opponent is using it along with your goblin gang. If you’re against graveyard she is a good counter if you play her behind your king tower which will mean your opponent can’t posion her, you will just need to use another unit to take down their tank.

Cannon Cart

This card hasn’t been seen in the meta much for a long time. However since it’s buff it’s usage rate has increased a lot. It can be played aggressive to help support the barrel too.

Bomb Tower

The bomb towers cost has been reduced by one elixir which helps make it more viable across all the arenas. It does splash damage to ground units so it is very helpful on defence at kiting tanks and taking out any ground based support units. You can play a princess in the opposite lane to help support the bomb tower if required.

Goblin Barrel

The barrel is your main win condition, when you first play this card play it on the bottom outside corner of their princess towers incase the opponent has a Tornado. You should always try to make sure that the opponent doesn’t have a good counter to this card in cycle before you play it to make sure you get the most value possible.

Dart Goblin

This card is fast moving card and can be played similar to the canon card if you use it as a bridge spam card to get some small chip damage. It can be played in the opposite lane too and it will still target the enemy units heading towards your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

With bait decks you first question you should aim to answer is do they have a log. This will help determine how aggressive you can be with the goblin barrel. You also need to establish what other counters they have to your squishie units such as bowler or executioner. You should try to bait these cards out, you can do this by split lane pushing in double elixir or building up a strong counter push after a successful defence to overwhelm your opponent. Or you can simply try to out cycle your opponent. If you like to make the first move with this deck then the princess behind your king tower is the best first play. You can also play the goblin barrel into the anti Tornado position or even cycle ice spirit at the bridge. Early game against a beat down player or lava loon player you should immediately apply pressure in the opposite lane as soon as they play their tank. Keep your princess and bomb tower in hand to help defend. Against other decks such as hog, bridge spam or graveyard you should keep cycling units on offence while making sure you have enough elixir to help you defend. Try to stack up princess’ too.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you will be able to cycle between cards a lot quicker, you will also be able to split lane push if your opponent has splash damage troops for defence. The canon cart is a great card to play aggressive at the bridge because it can quickly lock onto their tower and get chip damage, it is also a good tank for the barrel and you can support the canon cart with a princess.

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