Best Giant Deck For Ladder?
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

According to Bag who is a pro player in the community says this is the fasted viable giant deck in the meta and it only has one legendary which makes it more free to play friendly. This particular giant deck is a triple spell which means that a lot of your defence will come from using the spells against their troops and trying to get chip damage on their towers at the same time. The giant is your main win condition and is a great card to pressure the opposite lane if your opponent plays a golem, hound or even another giant. The mega minion and musketeer are good support cards especially if you have used them on defence and then go on a counter push. You can pair the ice spirit and zap to take down minion hordes for a positive elixir trade.

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Giant is your win condition and also acts as a meat shield. He can be played centrally to kite troops into the opposite lane and away from your towers while also allowing you to counter push.


Musketeer is one of your main defensive troops you can play her in the opposite lane and she can snipe enemy units from a distance especially princesses if you play her at the river in the middle.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

This feirce little warrior is your main tank killer, it also acts as a mini tank! It will be your main counter to hog riders but it can also defend well against bridge spam archetypes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Opening plays you can cycle ice spirit at the bridge or even cycle your log at the bridge. Play fairly passively at first until you know what your opponent is playing, you should react to what your opponent plays then counter push. If you get a giant going down one lane you can pressure the opposite lane with a mini pekka if you know you have an elixir lead. Try to chip away with your spells if you can get good value.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to play the giant more aggressive. This deck cycles very quickly so you will be able to cycle back to the units you need to help out on defence. You can start to make prediction spell placements to help support your giant pushes. Remember you can easily split lane push with he mini pekka to help split the opponents elixir on defence increasing your chances of breaking through their defence and getting tower damage. Goodluck running this deck make sure you check out my video to see other giant decks which might be better suited to your style of game play!

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