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This is a pekka control deck with a miner poison element too! As you can see in my video the pro uses the royal ghost and bandit fairly aggressively at the right opportunities to pressure the opponent. Against opponents with very defensive decks you will need to split lane push, the royal ghost is great to pressure one lane and the miner and bandit work well together to pressure the other lane. The pekka should mainly be used defensively and you should rely on the chip damage from using the bandit and ghost along with the miner for damage. You only have the ewiz and minions to defend air units so you will also rely on your spells to help support these cards. As soon as your opponent commits to playing their win condition then you will need to apply pressure in the opposite lane while making sure you have enough elixir and the right troops to help defend your towers. If you play the miner onto their tower and you have a another troop card heading towards their towers I recommend placing the miner behind their towers to pull back any defensive troops they might play. Have your spells ready to drop if they give you any value, for example playing a minion horde to defend your push.

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The miner is a great card to use to tank for your other troops. You can use the zap once the miner is on the tower to retarget the tower onto the miner. You can use him to counter an elixir collector too.

Royal Ghost

The royal ghost is currently very strong and in this deck you should be mainly using him to apply pressure to your opponent, he only costs three elixir and will often make your opponent spend more elixir defending him.


The pekka is your main tank killer, you never want to play her pointlessly especially early game because you can be easily punished by your opponent. If you have a pekka which has plenty of health left after defending then you can counter push either by supporting the pekka or apply pressure in the opposite lane.


The posion works extremely well in this deck at either supporting your offensive pushes or helping your towers out on defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with all matchups you need to try and find out what deck your opponent is playing as early as possible. For opening moves you can play a miner onto to the outside corner of their tower, play a royal ghost behind your towers or even play a bandit at the bridge. I don’t recommend playing the pekka or ewiz because these are your two main defensive cards so you could be easily punished for playing them. Early game you should keep applying pressure with your bandit and ghost and supporting the with counter push troops. Try to make positive elixir trades especially during the early stages of the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game this deck will cycle very quickly, you will be able to play more offensive miners onto their towers, just make sure you never play the miner In the same spot twice to make it harder for your opponent to predict his placement. You should still use the ghost and bandit to keep apply pressure however you can support them with miner and minions if you need to. Try to chip away at their towers if you have to use your spells offensively. Check out my video to see a couple of different pekka decks if you haven’t unlocked all these legendary cards in this deck!

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