Updated Hog Cycle!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This extremely free to play friendly deck is so strong in this current meta because of the bomb tower. The bomb tower has recently had a small buff in the last balance changes which makes it more viable to use on ladder and in challenges. It splash’s units that hide behind the opponents meat shield helping you shut down their push quicker. As you can see in my video moose goes aggressive with the hog against those heavy deck and also air decks including lava hound. You need to take advantage when you opponent spends a lot of elixir by sending your hog rider down the opposite lane. It will force your opponent to spend elixir of defending the hog rather than focusing all their attention on their offensive push. The ice spirit and skeletons are great cycle cards but be careful not just to waste these two cards, they can offer you a lot of value on defence and distracting the opponents troops. The ice golem is the same you can use it as a mini tank and it is also great at kiting units like pekka or princes away from your towers.

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Hog Rider

This card is your win condition and will be mainly used to pressure your opponent and hopefully get tower damage. It can also be used to tank damage for your tower and also kite units away to help prevent you loosing any HP off your towers. It is best played behind your ice golem which will tank tower damage if you are trying to get a few hog hits on their tower.

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower will be your main defensive unit, you can use it to kite units while also damaging their tank and their supporting troops. Unfortunately it doesn’t target air however it should still be used to distract their units while your towers and other units take down their push.


The new and updated fireball gives you more of an advantage against balloons and inferno dragons because it can now knock back the units. I recommend practising the new interactions in friendly battles.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try to make some positive elixir trades and try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing. Don’t over commit with a hog push by using all your supporting troops to early. Early game you shouldn’t really spend over six elixir on your pig push. Try to get chip damage with your spells if your opponent gives you the opportunity but be aware incase they’re baiting out your spells.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to cycle your hog a lot quicker against their towers. Make sure you send him down the lane once your opponent has spent elixir in a lane, this will make it harder for them to defend and increase the chances of your hog getting a hit. You can start to support your hog more by using prediction spell placements especially if your opponent uses the same troops to defend your hog. The musketeer can help out a lot especially if you have used her on defence and then go on a counter push. Good luck with this new deck I hope you have a lot of success!

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