Mortar! New Meta Deck!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Mortar decks can be a pain to go against and in my opinion the best way to learn to counter a deck you struggle aid to play it and see how your opponents counter you. However if you love mortar or your looking for a new win condition then check out my video to see how the pro handles some of the more difficult matchups. With a mortar deck you need to learn your opponents card and try to remember their card cycle. When they don’t have a solid counter in rotation or a enough elixir to defend then that is the time you should place the mortar. You will need to support the mortar in the majority of circumstances. You can easily split lane push too with this deck by using the canon cart in one lane and the mortar in the opposite lane. If you have successfully defended and you have some troops ready for a counter push then go ahead and play your mortar and try to get some tower chip damage. Don’t worry about not taking down their tower in a single push, this deck is all about chipping away at their towers throughout the game. The miner is also and important card especially at distracting units from your mortar and also getting tower chip damage, make sure you switch up your miner placements throughout the game to make it harder for your opponent to predict your placements.

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In this deck you will have to use this card on defence more than you would in a normal miner deck. You should use this card to tank damage while your supporting troops, goblins and canon cart, do the majority of the damage. You can also use this card against elixir collectors and sniping a princess if your against a bait deck.

The Log

Log works well in this deck at helping take down or knock back troops that the opponent has played to counter your mortar. Try to always get tower chip damage throughout the match.


Mortar is your main win condition, even if you only get one tower hit against their tower with each mortar placement then the game is in your favour. It also works well on defence especially if you need to kite units away from your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

For opening moves you could send the spear goblins down a lane or split the gang behind your towers. Try to make positive elixir trades and figure out what deck your opponent has before playing your mortar. Make sure that you do play your mortar I’m single elixir once you’ve figured out what deck your opponent is playing, it’s important to get as much chip damage as possible. Don’t over commit on supporting the mortar, often your opponent will spend 4 elixir or more on defending the mortar which will give you an elixir lead.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to play defensive mortars to defend their pushes and then cycle back to a new mortar and you will have the defensive one to support your offensive mortar. You can also start to use prediction spell placements if your opponent has been repetitive on defence. Remember to use the miner to chip away at their tower if you need to cycle a card. All the cards can and should be used to pressure the opponent at the bridge.

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