No Skill Golem Beat Down!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

With all golem decks you need to be good at protecting your elixir pump and you should also be comfortable with taking tower damage or even losing a tower if it means you can gain a large elixir lead. The baby dragon, night witch and canon cart are great support units to use behind your golem, just make sure you don’t place them to close together to avoid your opponent getting good spell value. There really isn’t much information to give other than to make sure you have a good elixir lead before playing your golem, then your should keep supporting the golem until you can overwhelm your opponent and hopefully get a three crown. Check out my video to see live game play of this deck been used on ladder!

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Night Witch

Night witch is best played behind your golem, the bats she spawns helps tackle their defensive units and often forces your opponent to use a spell.


The golem is your main win condition, it will act as a meat shield so you can build up a some good support cards and try to overwhelm your opponent in a single push. You can play him centrally to kite units into the opposite lane. If your opponent has a deck that allows them to easily rush the opposite lane you should play your support troops in the back then play your golem at the bridge when you’re going on an offensive push.

Elixir Collector

This card if played correctly will be the one that wins you the game. You should keep using this card until their are only 52 seconds left. Once you decide to go on a heavy push you shouldn’t place this card until your push is over. If your opponent keeps using a spell against this card the don’t be deterred from using it because the spell on your pump is better than them using it on your towers or troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game your main aim should be to gain a good elixir lead. You should keep pumping up and protecting you pump as much as possible while making positive elixir trades on defence. I wouldn’t play the golem in the first two minuets because your opponent can easily rush the opposite lane.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the time when you need to cash in on your elixir lead and build one big mammoth push to end the game. Don’t be afraid to play a second golem if you can cycle back to it quick enough, just don’t play the golem into a pekka or inferno dragon if you don’t have plenty of support troops on the field. You can ignore damage or just defend lightly, you should focus the majority of elixir on supporting your golem push.

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