82% Win Rate Mega Knight + Graveyard!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Brandank has had huge success using this deck in grand challenges. In my video we discuss how to handle different matchups and how to effectively use the main cards in this deck to get to maximum value and to make sure you can punish your opponent. With all graveyard decks you should play passively until your opponent presents you with an opportunity to pressure them. You can defend and build up a good counter push but you should aim to keep track of their cards so you know if they have a counter for your graveyard in cycle. The best cards to use as a tank for the graveyard are ice golem, mega minion and mega knight. I only recommend using the mega knight if you are counter pushing with him or you know they don’t have a a card like Valkyrie or pekka in cycle. Lava Hound matchups have always been tricky for the graveyard, however brandank recommends you should play passively and defend until your opponent drops a lava hound, then you can punish them in the opposite lane. Also if they have messed up their card cycle and you know they don’t have a good counter to the mega knight then you can also go aggressive and try to punish them. The Tornado can offer a lot of value in this deck. You should aim to try and activate your king tower early game to help out on defence throughout the rest of the match. You can also use it to pull three musketeers into the same lane or pull units together so your ice wizard or mega knight can get good value with their splash damage.

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The graveyard is your win condition in this deck. It is easily countered by posion and Valkyrie so if your opponent has one of these cards make sure you bait them out before going aggressive. For the lighter units like archers, bats, minions and goblins which could counter your graveyard then you should use posion or Tornado to counter their units. Check out my video to see the most optimal graveyard placements. If the opponent has an elixir collector then you should always pressure the same lane as their collector so the skeletons chip away the HP denying them elixir.

Mega Knight

Mega knight is one of your key cards in this deck. Sometimes it is better to leak elixir or loose a few hundred HP off your princess towers if it means you can get good value with the mega knight. He is fairly tanky so he also works as a good distraction while your towers and other supporting units help take down their push.


Tombstone is a great distraction units to use. It can kite units that would otherwise target your towers giving you extra time to shut down their push. It is also a good card to bait out spells like posion or log which could be used to counter your graveyard push.

Ice Golem

This mini tank works well at kiting units like pekka, prince and lumber jack. You can also use it as a meat shield for your graveyard.


This card is your main spell and can easily help you win the game if you need to posion cycle your opponent towards the end of the match while your defend. It is also a good counter to minion hordes but your should also try to get good value with this spells and damaging their troops and also chipping away at their princess towers whenever possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages of all games you need to find out what deck your opponent is playing in order to help you know when you can go aggressive and also when you should defend. With this deck you will find that sometime you have to wait for your opponent to make the first move, even if you have to wait until double elixir then it won’t put you at a disadvantage because you’ll have more elixir to play with on defence and offensive. However if you like to make the first move then tombstone, ice golem or ice wizard are good opening cards. Try to activate your king tower if possible within the first 60 seconds of the match. You can play graveyard early but only if your opponent spends a lot of elixir on a tank or an elixir collector allowing you to pressure the opposite lane. As the match starts to get towards double elixir you can start to save elixir to hit the opponent hard especially if you have gained an elixir lead.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you will be able to support the graveyard with the posion making it harder for your opponent to use lower HP units to defend your push. You should still try to pressure the opposite lane if your opponent plays a golem or lava hound because it will still force them to spend elixir defending rather than going all in down one lane. If you have gotten their tower fairly low and it is within poison cycle range (1-500HP) then your can focus your attention on defence, kiting units with tombstone or ice golem, and using your other units to support your princess towers. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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