clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

If you love a deck that can win you a game with a single push then this is the deck for you! It is also a fairly free to play deck because it is made up of mainly common and rare cards which makes it more viable for a f2p to use on ladder. Everyone who goes against sparky feels fear when they see the opponent drop the sparky behind their towers so that is exactly where you should play her when starting your huge push. Unless the opponent has rocket. However if they are running rocket you can try to bait it out with your elixir pump. One of the reasons you should play the sparky behind your towers and not the giant is because if the opponent rushes the opposite lane you can play the giant in the middle to kite units into the range of the sparkys blast. With the elixir collector you should try to play it as much as possible throughout the match, then you will also need to protect it from miners or goblin barrels. You can use the pekka for the miner and the arrows for the goblin barrel. If they use a spell then make sure you place it closer to the tower with the most HP, forcing them to use their spells will mean they have one less counter in hand to defend your sparky push. The mini pekka is also an extremely versatile card in this deck, she works very well on defence but she it is also important to use her to support your giant sparky push because she can tank for the sparky when the giant dies, and having the mini pekka and sparky on the opponents side will often force them to over defend. The Tornado synergies very well with the sparky because you can use it to pull units together to give you a lot of value and potentially leave your opponent defenceless. It can also be used to tank down small units like bats or skeletons which will leave you with your arrows to counter any minions or goblins.

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The giant is your meat shield, you should mainly use him to tank for your sparky and other supporting units. You can also use him to kite units like pekka, princes, lumberjack, ebarbs and ghosts into the opposite lane and away from your princess tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start the match with an elixir collector if you have it in cycle. If you don’t then you’re probably best waiting for your opponent to make the first move and then play a card to counter there’s and cycle to your collector. As with all matches you should try and figure out what your opponent is playing. With this deck you can easily end the game before you even reach double elixir if you get good value from your sparky and use pekka or mega minion to support her. If you do go aggressive early game then make sure you have a good elixir lead before committing to the push. Try to activate your king tower with the Tornado if you get the opportunity especially against bait, hogs and graveyard decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you haven’t already won the match then it is time to start your monster push. You should focus most of your elixir on offence and defend lightly if they try to rush your tower. Remember you can easily overwhelm your opponent especially if you stack up enough troops to support the giant and sparky. Try to play as many mini pekka’s as possible and don’t be affaid to keep pumping up like matrix does in his matches. Just don’t pump up if there are under 52 seconds left in the game. Good look trying out this deck everyone I hope you have a “blast”!

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