Best Pekka Control Ever?
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck was used in some of the latest CRL matches to take out and entire team undefeated! It is a fairly heavy deck so you need to make sure you maintain an elixir lead before committing to an aggressive play. In this deck you have a lot of fireball bait cards, the zappies, flying machine and ewiz can easily bait out their fireball and will often mean they don’t have a good counter in hand if you pressure them with one of the other cards. You can also split lane push pretty easily with this deck especially if you’ve defended in one lane then use battle ram or bandit to pressure the other lane. You can split the zappie to help support your split lane push and play the flying machine in the middle and it’s range will help deal with the units the use to defend. The pekka should be used primarily as a defensive unit and then you can often counter push with her if she has enough health. If you’re against a heavy beat down deck then you’re going to need to keep apply opposite lane pressure with the battle ram or bandit to stop them from building up a huge giant push.

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The bandit is a great card to use to keep that pressure up on your opponent. She can stop a charging prince without taking any damage if you time her charge ability correctly.


The pekka is your main tank killer and she acts extremely well at tanking damage from those huge pushes while your units take down their push. If the pekka is heading towards their towers have you’re spells ready to support her to force your opponent to spend more elixir on defence.

Battle Ram

Battle ram just like the bandit should be used to apply pressure or to split lane push. However you can also kite units if you play this card in the centre.

Flying Machine

The flying machine can offer you a lot of value especially if you protect it and force a spell out of your opponents hand.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best starting move is to split zappies in the back but you can also play the bandit at the bridge or even use the battle ram behind your towers if you like to make the first move. During the early stages of the game you should aim to find out what deck your opponent is playing, this will help you know what cards you should hold onto on defence and when you should be ready to apply pressure in the opposite lane if they have a heavy beat down deck.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you should still keep applying pressure even if you have taken a tower. Try not to play troops too close together because your opponent will get a lot of value from a heavy spell especially in double elixir. you can start to use your pekka more on offence if you know they don’t have a solid counter in hand like inferno dragon or ice golem, and that you wouldn’t need her to defend if they rush the opposite lane. Goodluck if you try this deck out guys and gals!

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